How to Look Younger.

A few weeks ago, I was standing in front of #3’s preschool waiting for him to be brought out.

He attends a training preschool inside of a high school.  All of his teachers, aside from the master teacher, are high school aged girls and boys.

This day, as I stood there waiting, another mom approached me.  It was weird  because no one ever talks to me at this school.  Literally.  No one.  Ever.

But, she opened with a smile and then said, “Hi, I wanted to ask you how INSERT NAME OF DAUGHTER HERE (I wasn’t listening to details because I was still blown by the fact that she was speaking to me) did today.  After she hit INSERT OTHER RANDOM CHILD’S NAME HERE (confused, so confused) I wanted to make sure she apologized.”

I blinked.  And smiled.  And, blinked again before I realized, hold the phone, this chick thinks I’m in high school?  Like a teenager?!

Wow, not only is she CRAZY, but also, she’s about as observant as a newborn kangaroo.  After having our children in the same school for the better part of a year, she didn’t recognize me?  I’m pretty distinct looking for a variety of reasons.


My are-you-for-real face didn’t clue her in.  I actually had to say, “Um, I’m not a student teacher.  My son is in your daughter’s class.  I’m a parent.”

Elevator eyes.  Don’t hate because I have good jeans.  Followed by, “Hmm, ok.”

She turned and walked away and I jump kicked her in the back gaped at her openly.

So, what’s the point of all of this?

Don’t be an oblivious jerk.

I look young!

Mostly it’s genetics…


Yep, that’s my mama and she’s like twice my age.

But, also, I do some other stuff to keep the wrinkles at bay.

how to look younger

How to Look Younger (And Feel It Too!)

1.  Wear better clothing.  Jeans hiked up to your collar bone, all white sneakers, pastel colored twin sets; all surefire ways to date yourself.  I’m not saying you should hustle out and buy a pair of sneaker wedges for your 45th birthday (actually, dressing super young tends to make you look even older), but consider investing in some classic pieces that are timeless, well-fitted, and of a good quality to help shave off a few years.

2.  Fix your hair.  If you’re still using half a bottle of Aqua Net on your mane every morning, chances are you are singularly responsible for at least one hole in the ozone layer need to seriously consider a new look.  I know hair changes are hard to adopt, but think about the time you’ll shave off your morning routine if you go ahead and stop teasing your bangs!

3.  Avoid the sun.  Like the plague.  Or, at least use sunscreen. I know, you want to be all golden brown.  But golden brown isn’t going to keep you from looking all shot up when you’re 32.

4.  Use good face products.  I neglected my face until I was about 30; some days I didn’t even bother to rinse it off before bed.  And then, adult acne decided to attempt to ruin my life.  I’ve spent the past few years working to clean up that mess.  I recently got to sample the acne treatment system from Dermagist.  I’ve actually sampled many of these types of products in the past, but I really liked how the clarifying cream from Dermagist worked.  Often, the odor of these products is a huge turnoff for me, but this one is nicely scented, it actually diminished the appearance of my scars, and acted as a moisturizer for my skin as well.  They also make an anti-aging product line that you might want to check out.

5.  Drink water.  It helps all kinds of stuff.

How do you keep your skin looking fresh?

*I received the Dermagist acne treatment system for review.  My face looks pretty fly and all opinions are my own.


  1. says

    Shout out for genetics. People are always shocked at my age. I owe it all to my mom. And my grandmother. And living in an extremely humid environment. And yes, STAY OUT OF THE FREAKING SUN! Oh, and don’t smoke. Smokers always look older than non-smokers. In my opinion.

  2. Raechel says

    I can confidently say I do 3 and 5 pretty well. (I saw the sun about 4 years ago and if I recall correctly I hissed at it ;P) I’m working on 4 but no matter what I try to use I seem to have some sort of skin thing going on. I suspect in a few years I’ll be at that perfect age where I have to fight both wrinkles and acne. /sigh

    Funny side story for you. I was out with my husband a few weeks ago. We went to a certain buy-in-bulk superstore and it was free samples as far as the eye can see. I was beelining for my 4th or 5th sample (and feeling like with a few more I could skip lunch at this rate) when the woman stops me and asks me who I’m with. I give her a funny look and point to my husband, and ask if she needs to see my membership card. She waves her hand and chuckles “oh, sorry, if someone is under 18 I have to make sure their parent or a guardian lets them have the samples. You know, allergies.” After blinking at her quite a few times I held up my wedding ring and mumbled something about being the mom of two children. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me, either. I get some seriously dirty looks from the general public when pregnant, and I just know every parent in my daughter’s must think I had my kid when I was 12 or something. :/

  3. says

    Quit hating on the twin set. ;-)

    I have always taken good care of my face…the rest of me? Not so much. I need to be better about moisturizing, otherwise my neck and hands will give away my age much quicker than my face.

  4. jdt1583 says

    Oh my! It was a little rude of her to just walk away like that!!
    I was mistaken for the nanny at my daughter’s gymnastics class. ;-)
    Water and no tanning! Or at least minimal. Lol

  5. Natasha says

    Seriously. How clueless is that woman?! Rude! Big tip for looking younger:how you wear/how much makeup you wear. Take your behind to a GOOD counter/spa and get a fresh, up to date, but not trendy look. Makeup can be very aging. My sister and I recently weaned my mother off her paint-by-number Mary Kay look, and she looks years younger and fantastic :)
    Also, I just hit my 30th-starting to get mildly obsessed with skincare. Hubby is all WHY MORE TUBES OF STUFF

  6. says

    Water is KEY! (I drink very little but I’m trying to be better because I know. I KNOW its benefits. And yet. Pepsi. All of the times. Then I’m mad when my face is dry or I get a zit. So I remind myself, drink the water, dummy).

    I’ve been mistaken for my oldest daughter’s older sister before. I tried not to roll my eyes but seriously, come on. It is a compliment, yes, but dude, your obersvation skills suck.