Wordful Wednesday. Toronto with Kids.

I got to experience Toronto with kids (okay, KID, since I only took the one) this month.

I learned a lot.

11 Things You May or May Not Know About Toronto, International Travel, Canadians, and My 5 Year Old

1.  Toronto is like barely even in Canada.  It’s super close to the US border.  Quebec and Montreal, the only other Canadian cities, aside from Vancouver, you’ve probably ever heard of, aren’t.  So, you can’t say, hey while I’m in Toronto this weekend, I think I’ll drive over to Quebec for dinner.  Because you won’t.  Unless you are also the kind of person who would say drive from LA to SF for the evening.  Or from like, DC to South Carolina.  Or, um, clear across Texas.  Unlikely.

travel with kids toronto canada

2.  If you want to travel out of the United States solo with your kid, you need a notarized letter stating that you’re not a kidnapper.  Or, you need to talk to the charming customs dude who really just wants to know more about blogging.

3.  The “Yeah” at the end of their sentences is rhetorical.  Apparently it’s weird if you keep responding yeah back to them.

cn tower toronto

4.  They have $2 coins in Canada.  Don’t give them to the cab guy thinking they are quarters because he might not tell you that you’re wrong.

5.  Stay away from the monks.  Or the people pretending to be monks.  They rob you by making you feel bad for the starving children.  And the little bracelet they give you probably won’t keep you safe for eternity.

6.  The TV options for the 5 and under crowd are different.  And, according to my 5 year old, dumber.

toronto ontario

7.  Don’t get poutine from Pizza Pizza.  That’s a tip straight from the Canadians.

8.  Toronto actually has tons of fun stuff for little people to do.  Baseball, a world class zoo, a really cool train park, the CN Tower are all really great ideas.  And, if you like to go clubbing but can’t because you have your 5 year old with you, stay at the Hilton Garden Inn on Peter St.  It’s surrounded by nightclubs so you can order a bottle of wine to your room and then listen to the bass while you fall asleep with your kid donkey kicking you in your sternum all night.  It’ll be just like you’re there.

9.  Toronto is really diverse.  I actually loved that about the city.

10.  Small planes are scary.  They are even scarier when the flight attendant tells the 400lb passenger that he has to move to another seat or we will all die due to weight and balance issues (his words were, “We can’t get this plane off the ground if you don’t move, sir.  The plane will crash.  It’s a weight and balance thing.”).  Are we sure that’s actually going to fix it?  Is this an exact science?  Because I don’t want to chance it.

11.  I am actually a boss at building Legos.  My 5 year old always trash talks me when we play at home.  In your face #3. IN.  YOUR.  FACE.

The one thing we didn’t get to see while in Toronto was Niagra Falls.  I hated that I didn’t have time to do that and plan to make it back there one of these days with all of the Dudes.

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  1. ERICA says

    I can’t believe I missed this post, being Torontonian! (yeah that’s totally what we call ourselves, sadly…) Not sure what “monks” you’re referring to, but poutine (a traditional French-Canadian dish) is awesome. Though not from Pizza Pizza – your contacts were right about that one. Seriously though, Fries, gravy, and cheese curds… Yum. You should have hit up your readers for some recommendations before going, because there are tons of poutineries (restaurants that ONLY serve poutine) in Toronto. If you ever go again, let me know and I’ll hook you up!

  2. says

    The eh (which I hear as “A?”) always sounds like a 15 year old girl. Do we really need the inflection to go up at the end? It sounds so unsure. Maybe that’s a sign of polite… I’ll speak my mind but at a question inflection at the end to show I’m humble…?

  3. says

    I have never been to Canada! Any part, which seems especially ridiculous considering that Minnesota isn’t exactly that far away from Canada. Nor did I know that monks are people I need to stay away from. All good things to know!

  4. says

    I have been to Canada once but it was when I was too young to remember. My kids would love the dollar coins, but yea like you said that would get so heavy! Glad you had a great time and I am sure you littlest loved being the only sibling that got to go.

  5. says

    Niagra Falls is super cool. I was doing an audit in Buffalo once and we drove over and ate dinner on the Canadian side. The only thing, if I think about taking my kiddos I have a panic attack. The railing is entirely too small for my taste. Also? I’m a panicky weirdo.

  6. says

    #3 cracks me up because Zaid says huh after everything. “We’re gonna eat dinner, huh?” Um, yes. Yes we are. But it’s rhetorical like the eh. #10 just made me hold onto my desk and close my eyes because JESUS, TAKE THE WHEEL. What is poutine? I’m too lazy to ask The Google.

    • DudeMom says

      It’s this like gravy on top of fries thing that I’ve never seen anywhere before. It’s like a dark gravy too. Has to be super bad for you.

  7. says

    As I mentioned last week, I absolutely love Toronto. But that could be because we visited pre-kids, had awesome dinners with wine, did TONS of shopping (tell me you went shopping??), hit the Hockey Hall of Fame, drank some more, and saw Lion King. It was an amazing trip. I would really like to take the kids up there this October, when they have a break, and take the train. It’s about a 6 hour train ride for us…but I think the kids would love it. Too bad it’s not a cheap trip though.

    • DudeMom says

      Why is riding the train so expensive? It’s like cheaper to fly some places. I’ve been wanting to take the Dudes up to NYC for forever. It’s a 4 hour train ride and would cost us like a grand to take the whole family. I can fly for like $60 round trip. But flying is SUCH a pain. And, no shopping. I was at the conference and then on a press trip and no time! I had to buy their souvenirs in the airport. For shame!

  8. says

    It’s not yeah…it’s eh.
    Poutine’s are a part of a Canadian’s healthy diet and you were guided in the right direction. No one eats there. I bet that the 400 pound person does. Just sayin
    Canadian kids programs are actually very age appropriate. Boring yes. I’d rather stick a fork in my ear than listen to their ridiculous voices.
    Niagra Falls? Tsk tsk…that’s one of the world’s magnificent wonders.
    We just got rid of the penny.
    That’s what I love about being Canadian, every city you go to is chalk full of diversity. We like the people :)

    • DudeMom says

      It’s is eh! Why did I write yeah? Oh, because they would say eh and I would say yeah back. Until I realized I should just blink.

  9. Raechel says

    o.O The weight/balance thing seems awfully … odd. I mean, what the heck happens if there is turbulence and luggage shifts? Will the plane fall from the sky and everyone aboard suffers an untimely end?

    I wish the US would ditch the $1bill and go to $1 and $2 coins.

    • DudeMom says

      I actually don’t like the coins. My wallet weighed like 18 pounds the entire time I was there.

      • Raechel says

        LOL, I didn’t even think about the weight of a wallet! That is a very good point. I was only thinking from a long-term standpoint. After a shopping trip I would take my “change” and toss it in a jar. Every few months when I would empty the jar and cash it out I would have well over a hundred euros because of those coins. But I can see where it is painfully problematic when on a short-term trip.

  10. says

    I literally laughed out loud at #8. :) Princess Nagger was definitely a donkey kicker to the sternum when she was 5 and invading my bed space. ;)

    Growing up in Seattle, my girlfriends and I would drive up to Vancouver, BC for the weekend to party with the Canadians. For some reason it always seemed more fun, yeah? And their drinking age was 18, so there was that. ;) Can’t wait to get moved back to Washington State so we can go visit our friendly Canucks again. :)

    WW: Pond Star

    • DudeMom says

      Strangely I’ve been to plenty of other countries but this was my very first visit to Canada. We used to go to Mexico (I grew up in Southern California) for, um, entertainment purposes. I’m not sure they even have a drink age at least not if you have lady parts.

  11. says

    I’ve been to Canada…I went after high school graduation and there are “clubs” ala Magic Mike that my aunt thought it would be fun to take my cousin and me to. Yeah, that was an experience.

    I think it’s much better with a 5 year old…except now I want pizza!