Mom Pretty Monday. All Dressed Up.

When I was young younger I thought flowers were old.

Flowers, lace, plastic covered couches, and the distinct odor of Ben Gay; all things I found in my grandma’s living room and wanted no part of on my body.

Now, more years later than I have any intention of admitting to, my favorite dress is covered in lace, Ben Gay and I are part-time lovers, if they made plastic couches I would seriously consider buying one, and flowery dresses make me feel pretty.

And all dressed up for, um, anything really.

This one will be making an appearance next week while I’m busy learning more about how Heads Up Football and the NFL* are making youth football better and safer for Dudes like mine.  I will probably be one of the only people rocking the florals.  Or a dress for that matter.

floral dresses

And, don’t worry, the side pony will be staying at home (#3 did my hair in these photos, he thinks he’s my in-home Ted Gibson).  Along with the deuces. 

Kidding.  The deuces are coming.

*Come to BlogHer ‘13 in Chicago to learn more about what I do with the NFL.  And youth sports safety.  And this dress. Because yeah, I’ll probably wear it there too. #donthate


  1. says

    You look gorgeous. It’s funny how things change, I always felt the same about florals, and Ben Gay. Thank you for being so awesome.

    • DudeMom says

      Thank you, Brie! Although, as I sit here covered in Ben Gay following my mud run two days ago, I’m not really feeling super awesome!

  2. says

    This dress is gorgeous! I love long dresses in the summer.

    I didn’t used to like floral either, but it’s grown on me.

  3. says

    I think you look absolutely adorable and #3 did a good job with your hair. LOL!

    Like you, I’ve never liked florals or lace either, and now that’s all I look for when I’m thrifting for yet another maxi skirt to add to my collection. LOL!

  4. says

    No hate AT ALL (I can’t help but see it like I see new jobs with new people: all of my clothes are new to them. I’m wearing the same shi…stuff I wore last week at the old job). And didn’t I had askeded you if you were going? SHEESH!

  5. says

    Loving florals for this season. It’s amazing our taste in clothing changes. I used to loathe floral prints now I love them. You absolutely need the deuces! Have a great time at BlogHer!

    • DudeMom says

      Thanks! And, as much as I try to deny it, the deuces go pretty much everywhere with me!