5 Get Better Sleep Tips for Moms

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Sleep is one of those things that, as parents, you kinda don’t expect to be awesome at because, once the kids show you can pretty much just kiss it goodbye.

Ask any mom to give an expectant family some advice and, 9 times out of 10 (an entirely made up statistic, but I bet it’s true), they will say: sleep before the baby comes.

As if you can save it up for after.

You can’t.

I actually like to advise pregnant moms that, instead of getting as much sleep as possible pre-baby, they should set their alarm clocks to wake them up multiple times during the night, sometimes even at 15 minute intervals. Like a conditioning regiment. To make it even more authentic, they should put their alarm clock out of their reach, maybe even hide it, so that they have to get up and bump into their husbands a few times, to turn it off.

They still won’t be prepared for having to make a bottle, change a diaper, feed, burp, and possibly endure non-stop wailing courtesy of their favorite tiny human, but it will at least break them of the foolish habit of a full night’s sleep. Something that, even as I send my youngest child to full day kindergarten, I still haven’t gotten back entirely.

But, I’m working on it.

And, while I can’t stop my 5 year old from wandering into my room at 3am and barfing into my open palm, I can work to make sure my sleep habits and environment are as conducive to getting rest as possible.

5 Get Better Sleep Tips for Mom

1. Get in the mood. Just like you have worked super hard to ensure that your baby has a good bedtime routine, you should also have one for yourself. Make sure you have a relaxing, pre-sleep routine to get your mind into the right place. Take a warm shower, rub on some smell goods, and then settle into bed to read. If you’re me you’ll get about one paragraph in before you’re waking up hours later with a soggy drool spot on your page.

2. Buy a good mattress. We have had our mattress for 12 years and it seriously feels like it. I got to test out some of those fancy schmansy mechanical mattresses that make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud surrounded by singing angels while Ryan Gosling spoons you. Literally in Heaven. But, the gods haven’t rained down the Ryan-Gossling-spooning-you-in-a-cloud-to-angelic-voices money yet so it’s remains on our wish list.

3. Skip the Housewives marathon. And anything else that might be on TV. Apparently it makes it harder for your mind to wind down, although, in my case, I could easily fall asleep at the counter while Briana and Brooks hash it out on the couch beside me.

4. Don’t get your grub on before bed. DudeDad is the king of slamming pizza and hot dogs right before bed while he watches football. He also happens to be the king of middle-of-the-night acid reflux that makes you feel like you swallowed a torch and then barfed it back up. No one wants to be the king of that, so watch your pre-bed food and, if you require a midnight snack, keep it soothing (think milk and cookies!).

5. Work out. You know how when you’re at the park with your toddler, and he’s getting buck, running, shouting, and jump kicking all over the place. And that older lady comes up to you and says, “My is he gonna sleep good tonight!” And you do a little fist thrust on the side because, yeah, you know it. That works for grown ups too. Getting yourself a good exercise regimen will likely help you be a better sleeper. That’s not to say that a killing yourself in the gym today will cure you of insomnia tonight (check this article for more info: Exercise and a Good Night’s Sleep), but over time, exercise can lead to a better night’s sleep. Consider it a marathon, not a race. Ooooh, doesn’t a sleep marathon sound amazing right now?!

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    Without a doubt there will be 2 weeks in a month that sleep eludes me.. Always right around time for my period and the week of my period. I do not know why this happens but oh if I did. My husband knows my schedule because of how my sleep gets in those 2 weeks.