Mom Pretty Monday. Crochet Shorts.

I have a new obsession.


Not the kind you see your granny working on (although I love that too), since I can’t do that and neither can my granny.

I mean the kind you wear.

I discovered a pair of crochet shorts that I am so super hard core in love with while avoiding a crazy rainstorm at Kohl’s this weekend.

crochet shorts

They come in three colors and they are on sale right now for less than $20!

cute crochet shorts

I will be wearing them for Justin Timberlake later this week.

He better notice.

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  1. says

    I seriously almost bought that same top and those same shorts at Kohl’s last week! Unfortunately, they didn’t have the shorts in my size, and I decided I didn’t NEED the top. I may have to track those shorts down at a different Kohl’s, though…they’re super cute on you!

  2. says

    why look at those gams! awesome shorts! it’s too bad my butt is so big, i get the whole crotch-eating-my-shorts-thing happening.. so i’ll live vicariously through you!! :)