Mom Pretty Monday. Crochet Shorts.

I have a new obsession.


Not the kind you see your granny working on (although I love that too), since I can’t do that and neither can my granny.

I mean the kind you wear.

I discovered a pair of crochet shorts that I am so super hard core in love with while avoiding a crazy rainstorm at Kohl’s this weekend.

crochet shorts

They come in three colors and they are on sale right now for less than $20!

cute crochet shorts

I will be wearing them for Justin Timberlake later this week.

He better notice.

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  1. You look fabulous in those shorts! I love the white and lemon yellow together. Bright and cheery!

  2. Love this! Great connecting with you at BlogHer.

  3. how fun, love it!

  4. Those shorts are adorable! Love them with yellow!

  5. I seriously almost bought that same top and those same shorts at Kohl’s last week! Unfortunately, they didn’t have the shorts in my size, and I decided I didn’t NEED the top. I may have to track those shorts down at a different Kohl’s, though…they’re super cute on you!

  6. So cute! Love those shorts on you! :)

  7. I so wish I could pull those off. You look great, girlfrand!

  8. why look at those gams! awesome shorts! it’s too bad my butt is so big, i get the whole crotch-eating-my-shorts-thing happening.. so i’ll live vicariously through you!! :)

  9. You look super awesome in your crochet shorts.

  10. Love the shorts they look great on you! Enjoy the concert – wish I were going!

  11. Those are super cute!! Have fun at the concert.