Fitness Friday. Gym Style for Women.

old spice kid

Gym style is one of those things that many of us kind of view as an after thought.

You think, ah yeah, gonna rock that cruddy, free t-shirt I got from the orthodontist last summer and my trusty old yoga pants.

Throw on the shoes I use to work in the yard.  Rock the granny panties.  Steal a pair of crew socks from my son.

Booyah! Let’s do this!

Okay, so maybe only my inner get-pumped-for-the-gym-monologue is so 90s gangsta, but you know what I mean.

So many of my co-gym companions and you at home have hit the gym in the whatever clothes you’ve been hiding out in your basement in for years months.

But, pump the breaks home girl.

Because you do that and you could get to the gym and realize that when you sweat on that free shirt it looks remarkably like the outline of a uterus.  All big and creeptastic on your torso.

Plus, the crotch of your yoga pants is essentially missing.  Like all the way gone; devoured entirely by your voracious thighs to the chagrin of your granny panties (that thankfully still have a fully functioning crotch).

This issue you realize only after your cool down where you were doing that feet-shoulder-width-apart-flat-back-touch-your-toes-bend-at-the-waist thingy.

You will probably need to change your gym time now.

Or never go back.

You can easily avoid all of that ugly by investing in some real workout clothing.

It doesn’t have to be anything super fancy.  No lace side panels or individual toe holes needed.  No one is saying you have to go in just a sports bra or put your tights under your leotard.  Actually, please DON’T wear a leotard.

You just need something basic, but functional.

Something that wicks sweat away from your body and has actual material to cover your crotch.

Added bonus if you look fly in it.

This is what I rock…

best work out clothing

Leggings: Snagged at Marshall’s for $12.99

Shirt: $18 on sale at Sports Authority.

Shoes: Reebok

Guns: All me baby!

Got the clothing all figured out?

Let’s talk about the shoes.  They’re super important too.  The right work out shoes not only enhance comfort and performance, but they could stave off an unfortunate injury.

So, no wearing your Keds to the gym ladies.

I am not a brand loyalist when it comes to shoes.  I buy what’s on sale, in stock in my size, comfortable, and available in pink (I always buy pink tennis shoes, just because).

These Reeboks fit the bill…


They were affordable (only $34.99), available, light weight and comfy, and clearly they met my color requirement (you can read my full review here: DudeMom on Reeboks).

I’d been in the market for a new pair of gym kicks to round out my ensemble for a while (my other pair was NOT Zumba friendly) and, when I popped into Famous Footwear to do some school shopping for two of The Dudes, I was able to snag a pair for myself too.

All three pair set me back less than $150.

Not bad for two adult sized shoes (I can wear #1’s shoes now!) and a pair of children’s.

Fistbump for Famous Footwear.  And Reebok.  And workout pants with a crotch.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Reebok. I received a Famous Footwear gift card to purchase a pair of Reebok shoes to facilitate my review and to thank me for participating.


  1. Mimi says

    This is your mom, now look at that picture of you looking fantastic in your gym clothes (sun’s out, gun’s out) now look to me, now back at you, now to me, back at you. Now picture you in 30 years. Life can be merciful.
    I’m in a lawn chair next to the pool.

  2. says

    Is it appropriate or inappropriate that I am waring yoga capris and an old shirt I got at a Zumbathon for free today? Also- have you seen those Dancesocks? I just saw someone post about them on Facebook the other day- they turn your regular sneakers into Zumba/dance shoes. Very simple and great idea.. why didn’t I think of it?