Best in Blog: Home Organization.

When people who don’t know me look at me, they tend to think I’m organized.

I’m like a magician that way.

I’m the treasurer of the PTA.  I have three sons with crazy schedules that I manage to get most places dressed correctly and on time.  I work from home.  I volunteer at my children’s schools (both of them, every week), and with their teams (less, but still plenty).  I meal plan.  I have a homework command center that rivals the NASA space center.  I built an amazing Lego table that my children actually use.  I button my shirt correctly pretty much every day of life, and I’ve never worn two different shoes out in public (I did accidentally go to a party in my house flip flops once though).



This is my life…

unorganized home

The aforementioned tasks suck up pretty much every single last bit of my organizing capability, leaving a disheveled heap of sleep deprived crazy lady in its wake.

There.  Secret is out.

Next week, when The Dudes have a full 5 days of school, I plan to tackle this beast (insert sinister music)…


I’ve found myself requiring inspiration.

Thank goodness I know the power of a good blogger.

Best in Blog: Home Organization.

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