Budget Bridal Showers. #TargetWedding

target wedding

BFF is getting married in T minus a bunch-of-days-but-not-as-many-as-I-need-to-actually-be-prepared.

I’m in the wedding, of course.  I’m throwing her a budget bridal shower.  Flying down to Tejas for all of the pre-wedding activities.  Getting a hotel and a car and a dress I’ll never wear again ever.  Living with this hideous dye job until her wedding date approaches so I can be freshly done for the big day.

Sacrifices people.  Made entirely out of love for her and appreciation for all of the awesome and less than awesome moments of life we’ve spent together since the age of 13.  When she hated me.  For inadvertently trying to steal her boyfriend.  Who, for the record, wasn’t really even like her boyfriend, boyfriend.


I owe her and I love her and she 100% deserves to have this, a lifetime of fast metabolism, youthful skin, and a realistic but trim waistline even following childbirth.

So, I’m not complaining per se (okay, I am, but only because I am broke as a joke and I so abhor weddings; I’m not girly in that way AT ALL), especially not to her (believe me, she has enough going on, she does NOT need to worry herself with petty complaints from a broke bridesmaid).

I’m just saying.  Because I have a question.

What do I do about the wedding gift?!

Because, I don’t really think getting a good one from me is in the cards for the soon-to-be-wed couple.

Not because I don’t want to, just because, OMG everything is SO expensive!  And, my wedding budget is already really loooong.  And, it’s like a month after Disney, and a week after #1’s birthday, and a month before Christmas.

Were circumstance not what they are, I would’ve gotten all kinds of creative with it.

Because I like having the very best, most interesting and appreciated gifts at parties know she wants a Dyson.  It’s on the registry and also, she told me.

But, I did go to Target and look at the pretty options…

dyson sale target


I know they’re awesome.  I own one (and, if you want one too, now is the time to by because there is a Target Dyson sale).

And, if I didn’t need to make my car payment this month, I swear I would go right into Target and make her dream of never losing suction a reality by snagging her that piece of floor cleaning awesome.

Along with a tasty, homemade pecan pie made lovingly (by moi, of course) in this FEED USA pie plate (did you know that when you buy FEED products from Target you are also helping get meals into hungry mouths in America)…

feed bowl

Sure, pecan pie isn’t even on the registry, but that is what would make for the best wedding gift pairing ever.  I have it on reliable authority that, while BFF’s betrothed may not give a care about how the carpets in their crib get cleaned, he does think pecan pies are sort of a big deal.  And also, everyone loves homemade pie.

As it stands, I will probably only be able to gift the pan (it’s $15) filled with pie.  Dyson’s aren’t in my $25 gifting budget.  And, I hate myself a little for that.

Since I’m no expert on wedding etiquette, or weddings, or etiquette, I’d like you all to weigh in here.  I know I’m not the first ever broke bridesmaid, but, am I the worst human ever if I show up with only a pie?

What if I show up with nothing other than a promise of a pie (logistically, getting a pie from Maryland to Texas may be a challenge)?

Should I just buy a greeting card and fill it with love words?  And, is it insulting if I also put a $25 Target gift card inside to accompany my verbal love fest (because I kinda think it is, right?  What can a grown up even buy for $25 these days?) even though Target gift cards in that amount aren’t anywhere on the registry?

I plan to rap my best girl speech if that makes a difference.

*Today’s post was brought to you by Target Wedding’s theme Be Yourself, Together, and Target’s wedding registry.  You can check out all of their unique gift ideas and wedding awesome by following #TargetWedding on Twitter.


  1. Delora says

    I know this was a sponsored post and all, but you don’t have to get her something brand new. If you have a favorite vintage (ie thrift) store that you know always has great stuff in pristine condition that would match her style , no reason you can’t go that route. It’s not like people leave the tags on gifts anyway ;) But seriously, there are so many different ways to do meaningful that don’t cost mad bang. I love the pecan pie idea, but maybe take it a step further and write up a bunch of your treasured recipes (including the pie of course) and give those to her as well. I think putting them on an index card, laminating, and then punching a hole to put them on a metal ring so she can flip through them or hang the ring on the wall is more useful than a traditional book.

  2. Kirby says

    EMAIL ME loca…..I gave my BFF the BEST Shower gift ever….and guess what! I MADE it!!! It’s sentimental and somewhat original and NOT from a registry. Is it bad that I HATE buying from registries, yet I registered for wedding, babies, etc.???

  3. says

    I totally think the pie pan is AWESOME and I really hope you are rapping the speech…that’s a gift right there! Don’t stress…she will appreciate anything.

  4. says

    I think that you should skip the gift card entirely (too impersonal)- and maybe frame a great picture of the two of you together- then and now (maybe leave a spot for a photo of both of you in your wedding clothes together). A BFF is something to be treasured- and since you don’t get to see each other every day- I would think a picture would be so loved and appreciated. Put it with a letter about how much she means to you- and then read it aloud to her the night before the wedding.

  5. says

    stick with your budget, but as a bride just coming off of a wedding, reading this post from one of my bridesmaids would make me feel incredibly stressed out and sad. She knows that she is asking a lot from you, and she probably recognizes the sacrifices that you are making for her. I think the best gift you could give is to stop publicly sharing about how this wedding is affecting you, and help her feel comfortable and allow her to bask in the fun and excitement of the moment. I love you, girl, so I hope this isn’t taken the wrong way, but you asked and I want to be honest.

  6. says

    Throat punches to parties with the intention of ruining said day for bride are always acceptable and I am pretty sure refutable with the claim of temporary wedding insanity.. Like the others have said. YOU being there is the most important thing, so the gift card would be fine. Although I am certain her soon to be hubby would not look down his nose at the pie plate with a pie in it.

  7. says

    I would write her a very heartfelt letter about your friendship and love throughout the years as she transitions to the next chapter in her life. You guys have been home skillets since age 13 – she knows your heart (and your financial standing).

  8. Pat says

    Give her the gift card and stop stressing over the material things. Have fun; keep her calm and remember: The best present is your presence!

  9. Jessica R says

    It is expensive to be the maid of honor. She is asking ALOT of you already to fly across the country, probably stay in a hotel, buy a dress, participate in activities that aren’t necessarily free for you, and throw a bridal shower (budget or not) I think you should stick to your $25 budget. If y’all have been friends for as long as you say and you are as close as it sounds, she won’t care about the gift. Your presence and participation will probably be enough for her. I think it is sweet that you are so worried about all of this wedding etiquette, but in the big picture, none of it matters. As long as you show up, wear the dress, smile, help keep her happy/calm on her special day, and make sure that no one does anything to mess up her special day then you have 128% done your job! Seriously!

    Whatever you do, don’t express your budget concerns with her. That will make her feel guilty and maybe she will skip out on some stuff that she was excited about. I made that mistake at my BFF’s wedding 15 years ago and I still regret it. I was a 23 year old, single mom, and didn’t know any better.

    You are awesome Amanda!!!

    • DudeMom says

      Thanks for the advice, Jessica! So, she reads my blog (we are BFFs, she has to) but she also knows about my situation. We’ve talked about it a bit and of course she’s going to be all understanding and awesome about it, because that’s just how she is. But, I still like want to do the right thing. And I never want anyone to think that I am not the best friend ever, because I so totally am (kidding!). I just want to make sure everything I do for her is right, because there will be people there who aren’t (you know how weddings are). If I promise to throat sock ’em I’m good, right?!