Wordful Wednesday. Insta Disney Photos.

We are on our way back from the happiest place on Earth.

Or we are back probably.  Or, something.

My mind is blown from trying to cram as much magic as humanely possible into the past five days of life.

It pretty much happened.

Everything was going swell until the last day; #3 got sick (did you know the Magic Kingdom has a first aid center you can hit up and they will take your kid’s temp and give them Tylenol too?) and Orlando decided to dump all of the rain it had been holding in the past four days on our heads.

FIVE.  INCHES.  In a single 24 hour period.

Just to put that into perspective, where I live, we won’t get that much this month, maybe not even if you combined this month and the next one.

So, basically, it was  A LOT of rain.

As awesome as the weather was for every single other moment of our stay, we have nothing to complain about.

And really, we needed a night in the hotel, taking jacuzzi bubble baths, watching movies, and eating our weight in snacks (we had the Disney dining plan and we weren’t going home without using all of our entitlements).

Expect a bunch of Disney related posts in the next few weeks (like how we paid for it and tips for first timers) as I process the 700 hundred photos on my camera and the many moments that made this trip awesome.

In the meantime, please enjoy some Disney photos from The Dude Family (which you could’ve seen live if you FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM)…


disney castle disney characters disney family

Have something to be Wordful about this week?  Link up your posts so that my co-host, Seven Clown Circus, and I can enjoy them and feature you here, like these awesome peeps from last week’s photo linky…


This week we see the cutest baby sitter ever in “kitty sitter” from Classy Mustachey, a preview of Halloween costumes at Whimsical Creations, the most amazing colors in A Knitted Scarf {{gorgeous photography}} at Finding Serendipity, and Dewy Webs at Hood Photography.


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    I can’t wait to see more photos! Loved seeing them on IG. Was this the dudes first trip to WDW? We are trying to figure out what would be a good time to go with our trio as far as age. The last time we went Adrian was on a business trip and Xander was 3 months old. It rained the ENTIRE week. I mean poured. There was a tropical depression sitting right on us. I pretty much felt soggy the entire time, but at least the lines were non existent!

  2. says

    HHahahaha…5 inches of rain…

    Well, then I guess it’s time for the RAIN PARADE!!!

    Imagine those folks in the heavy costumes dancing in the rain…What a job!

    LOOKS Like you went to ‘asia’ and ‘europe’ too!

    Love it!!!


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    Love the photos! A trip to Disney World is not complete w/o experiencing the famous Central Fla torrential rains! It’s good luck. ha ha. I can’t wait for your Disney vacation tips. I am holding off until both my kids are old enough to enjoy and remember. By then, ticket prices might be $1000!

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    It looks like you guys had SO MUCH FUN! I’m totally watching out for Disney posts because we’ve never been and I DEFINITELY need to collect some pointers (and money saving tips) if I think we’re ever going to make it there.

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    in spite of the rain, great family memories… you were a trooper!
    thank you so much for the mention/link… made my night last night! :)

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    Ok all your kids are handsome but the youngest is the mini me version of you dead to rights and Dad has had a major hand in the looks of the older 2 lol. Still all of them you are gonna have to beat the girls off with sticks or whatever devices come near lol. Ihave never been to Disney and I would probably have a massive panic attack with all those people.. but I will live vicariously through you

  7. says

    Such special memories!! We went to Disney once and it was awesome, but definitely the kind of vacation where once it’s over you need at least a week-long vacation to recover from it!