Disney Style for Moms.

We went to DisneyLand a few years ago.

Following, I wrote this post about the man in shorty shorts my eyes can never unsee.

Amusement parks seem to bring out the worst in people when it comes to style.  Like they just figure, I’m in the happiest place on Earth, I may be a grown man but here I can wear my Velcro shoes with my fanny pack, propeller hat, and monkey back pack.

The last thing most of our fannies need is a pack.  And grown ups should never rock plush character back packs.

As I’ve started packing for this Florida Disney adventure I’ve had to keep a few things in mind when it comes to my Disney style.

A.  I have standards.  Just because we’re in Fantasyland doesn’t mean I need to forget that.

2.  It will be hot.  PleaseGodifyoulovemeevenalittle not blistering, melt your face hot, but warm enough hot with no rain and low humidity.

III.  It could rain.   And/or be humid.  My hair will not appreciate either of these but no way can I wear a hat (sweaty hat hair is like Miley-Cyrus-VMAs scary).

d.  I will require comfy footwear.  Comfy is NOT synonymous with velcro, Crocs, or those all white numbers middle aged dads play racquetball in.

V.  United Airlines hate for people to be clean or smell fresh while they travel.  Clearly this is the reason they charge $25/piece of checked luggage.

F.  I own a bunch of dresses.  Disney World in a dress sounds challenging.

All of this in mind I needed to snag some low cost, summer attire fit for long days of walking in the heat, young children clamoring about you, while having the most amazing time $8,000 can buy.

Old Navy to the rescue!

what to wear to disney

I found these $5 shorts at Oldavy.com and even scored by getting cash back from Ebates.  FIVE.  DOLLARS.  Like Subway’s footl ongs, only you can wear them and not smell like hot meat.

I got three pairs in different colors.  The shirt I got last year at Charlotte Russe for under $13.

Holla at your girl (only just keep it down because I have a headache from being up all night trying to finish up everything before we leave).

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  1. says

    Found you via Monday Mingle. That outfit is cute; looks perfect for Splash Mountain, Epcot, and the Tea Cups. Enjoy Disney!

  2. jessica says

    That looks adorable.
    We just got back from a beach vacation and apparently fanny packs are big there too. Ugh I just cringed. Are you staying in the park? My husband is making me go in a couple years and I have warned him to start saving bc if I have to go I’m staying inside the park and having breakfast with characters and getting whatever passes we can lol
    Have fun!!!!

  3. says

    I hope you all have fun! Please know that it is still hot here in FL and it has rained almost daily since June. That being said, I still hope you have fun and my son and I were just talking about going back to Disney (shame on me because he’s only been once and that was 5 yrs ago!). I think I had more fun than he did…*shrugs*

  4. says

    Those shorts are super cute! Hopefully it’s not too hot for you. We were in Orlando last month and it was during this really freak cooler time there and we did okay. :)