This House Is Clean. Sorta.


Last week when I launched my whole Stop Sucking campaign, I let you in on my dirty little secret: I can’t clean.

It’s a way of life for me and, since I can’t afford to outsource that sort of thing, I really need to work on ways to up my awesome in the clean house department.

My biggest hurdle has always been my floors.  ALWAYS.

There are just so many of them.

And they are always so dirty thanks to the soccer cleats, dog paws, football cleats, and dog booty (she’s itchy down there) always being dragged across them.

No one ever wipes their feet in this house.  Or pours a drink without dribbling.  Or stops shedding for even half a second.

Which means all of the hard floor surfaces in this crib are usually slippery, sticky, slimy, and/or scuffed.  And, all of the carpeted sections are smelly, sooty, scuzzy, and/or stained.

Take The Dudes’ room (#2 & #3 share) for example…

remove carpet stains

This, friends, is a barf stain.

When it occurred at 2am one morning a couple of years back, it was only given a cursory treatment.  I blotted it while also sobbing as my husband ran around like an insane person trying not to sympathy barf on my pukey child he had clutched to his chest.  The following afternoon, when I got a momentary break from the barfing, I attempted to dechunkify and stain treat it.  Alas, I was too late and this stain was left to live on in infamy.

And then, one day, this happy little fellow dances into my life (insert salsa-ish-zumba-music)…


This, friends, is a Shark.  Miss Sonic Duo if you’re nasty (and yes, sometimes I clean in skirts).

It was given to me by the wonderful people at Shark so that I could attempt to tackle some (not all, no one expects that out of me) of the floor filth that a house filled with Dudes accumulates.

Challenge accepted!

shark sonic duo review

I figured Barf Stain needed to be the first to meet Shark.  Not because I expected a two year old carpet stain to be magically eradicated by a residential carpet cleaning tool, just because I figured it couldn’t hurt.

Crazy as it sounds, it actually helped!

The stain remains as it will until a money fairy grants me the funds to rip this carpet from its home and replace it with something soft, hypoallergenic, and beautiful, but the surrounding carpet is so sparkly and fresh.  And, the entire room just smells happier.  Total score when you’re constantly battling the ripe scent of Dude musk mixed with freshly brewing teen spirit.  And Axe body spray (marketing geniuses that they are, I will never get that smell out of my nasal passages).

I’ve also tackled the Dog Hallway (where she lays all day because she’s not allowed on the couch and she’s too good for the hard floors) and, every single hard floor in this house has been cleaned.  Numerous times.  Maybe even too many times at this point.

Best part?

I didn’t even have to do it myself!

shark cleaning

The Dudes LOVE using the Shark Sonic Duo.  They actually fought for a turn to clean the floors.  Not with me, silly, I was all for it, with each other.  #2 has done the kitchen at least 4 times this week.  It’s pretty amazing.

*I received a Shark Sonic Duo, free of charge, to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own and it didn’t come with a floor cleaning fairy to work the thing for me.  That would’ve been a game changer.


  1. says

    Man I think I need and want one of these. Right now I have a big and heavy steam cleaner for the carpets and floors. Needless to say it’s rarely used because it’s such a pain to use. The Shark looks so much easier.

  2. says

    I am still cursing the evil person who made the decorating decision that determined that we would have carpeting IN THE DINING ROOM. I’d seen one of these Sharks in action, but never knew you could use them on carpeting…MUST GET ONE NOW!!

  3. jessica t says

    First of all- the sympathy puke story got me laughing! That sounds like my husband!! What is it with guys? ;-)
    Second- I love my shark vacuum and have been wanting one of these… The carpets in this house were questionable when we moved in a year ago and I just feel gross at this point.

  4. says

    Normally I’m not one to jump on any sort of cleaning bandwagon, but when my last vacuum died I ended up buying a Shark (because of a combination of a sale, discount deals and reviews). Can I tell you that I fell in love? I don’t think I’ve ever fallen in love with a household object—especially one that cleans (ick). My husband could not believe how often I was suddenly vacuuming.

    I have yet to try any of the other Shark stuff, but from the sounds of it I totally should!

  5. says

    We have green carpets throughout.. it was beautiful when we moved in but like you having boys in the house has wreaked havoc. I need one of these desperately..

  6. says

    I know how you feel with the carpet situation. I don’t know what the previous residents were thinking putting white carpet on the stairs and upper levels. WHITE! I can never keep them as clean as I want. That shark sounds awesome, and lightweight if the dudes can use it.