Real Mom Style for Fall 2013.

I rarely appreciate runway style.  Not fully anyway.

It’s impractical.  It’s flamboyant.  And, it’s usually so far out of my price range I’d have to sell an egg, or five at my age, to be able to afford even a runway handkerchief.

I’m more of a daily style kinda girl.

But, I usually, at the very least, find inspiration from the pieces making waves on the runways.

Because being inspired is free.  And, up for interpretation.

I’ve spent hours looking at fall trends, trying to determine how to up my style for fall.  Flipping through my print copies of Glamour and Marie Claire (yes, I still get magazines in the mail, like an elderly person), clicking around on the websites of the same name, checking in on my favorite fashion-y type websites.  Looking for something, anything, to inspire my fall-winter wardrobe.

Only, I’m struggling.


Because so many of the popular trends for this season are just so not me.

Turtlenecks?  Nope, with my stumpy neck, I look like an actual turtle in those.

High slits and over the knee boots?  Not with these thighs.

Oversized coats and loose fitted pants?  Sure, if I want to look like a hobo.

Velvet and leather and wintery white? Not awesome when you spend every week inside of an elementary school.  Or on the sidelines of a football field.  Or hanging out with a furry beast.

So, what’s a style lover to do when the trends of the season feel so entirely wrong?

Get over it!

I almost forgot that I can look stylish without even being super trendy.  The two are really just distant cousins anyway.

I’ll probably never be as chic as many of my favorite fashion bloggers, even the ones who are moms like me, but I won’t be this girl again…

before what not to wear

because Stacy and Clinton threw my favorite sweatpants and all of my other hideous clothing away I just say so.

My favorite addition so far this fall?  My denim vest!

Scored on the cheap at Old Navy via Ebates (seriously, it is how I live!), so versatile I can wear it with my pajamas (relax, I don’t)…

denim vest

Dress, H&M.  Vest, Old Navy.  Leggings, Target. Sneaker wedges, Kohl’s.  Don’t focus on the sneaker wedges.  My pedicure situation is dire.  I didn’t want y’all to have to witness that.  Plus, I love them too.

Other things I’m after this season…

fall 2013 style must haves

1. Flat riding boots, $110. 2. Bohemian peasant dress, $32.80. 3. Patterned cardigan, $72.  4.  Graphic sweatshirt, $49.90. 5. Patterned leggings (these are from H&M & Express). 6. A pantsuit, $78.

What are you after this fall?

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  1. says

    I want a denim vets SO BAD. That is my WANT for fall!! I have plenty of boots (but don’t tell my hubby) and I have plenty of other great fall items. But dang. I really need a denim vest! :)

  2. says

    You do realize that you’re one of those chic fashion bloggers that happens to be a mom, right? I just love your style and everything on your wish list.

  3. says

    I full heartedly believe that if you can rock whatever you’re wearing, then you can wear whatever you want.
    I find that this entire year has been terrible for fashion…no?
    I do love the vest though.

  4. Julia says

    Great pics! I am hoping other people will post what they are looking for… personally I am on a mission to replace my worn out pair of gold flats. I am equally intrigued and scared of that black pant suit. In theory I am totally in love with it but I think it’s one of those things I’d have to try on to know for sure.

  5. says

    i spy some separates that need to make their way into my closet. comfort wins out for me any day and that dress is perfect for creating a stylish casual look. not to mention, the vest is a nice touch too! enjoy your day:)


  6. says

    I just about had a heartattack when I clicked on that cute dress and found out it was Forever 21, since I’ve felt too old for that store for the past 10 years or so. But it really is cute!

  7. says

    I’m so with you on this. I love to drool over fab fashion, but I have no interest in picking up pieces that I’m absolutely sure I’ll hate in a month just because it’s a major trend for the season. Also? I don’t have that kind of extra money. I’ve been trying to shop my own closet lately… although I did just order a pair of flat oxfords because I’ve been oooohing and ahhhhing them since last fall.

  8. says

    I am so with you.. practical and comfortable without being too crazy. Sometimes I am left scratching my head thinking what were these people on when they came up with this outfit..

  9. says

    I have to agree, even if in some of the blog posts I vamp it up a bit, I am a huge fan of practicality. Being a mom to 2 teenage kids, I HAVE to be practical while juggling football practices and guitar lessons.. hence, I proudly say I love my Birkenstock more than my beautiful heels ;) Love your selections, by the way

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

  10. says

    Go for the camo skinnies lady! I’ve been living in mine! Love the vest btw. Hope you can join us by linking up to Monday Mingle again! :)