15 Things to Do This Fall with Kids.

I sweated so much at our football game last week that I thought I was going to pass out from the heat.

I nearly had to be cut out of my jeans.

As un-October as that experience was, there’s no denying that the cooler temps of fall are heading our way.

Here are some fun activities to get your kids in the mood for the season change!

things to do in fall with kids

15 Things to Do This Fall with Kids

1. Rake leaves.  And then, jump in them!


2.  Go to the pumpkin patch.  Catch a hay ride, drink some hot apple cider, jump on a massive jumping pillow, that sort of thing.  Oh, your pumpkin patch doesn’t have a massive jumping pillow?  Too bad!  Live vicariously through us on that one…


3. Carve jack-o-lanterns.  Each Dude here gets to pick and carve his own every year.  It’s our Halloween traditions!


4. Bake pumpkin pies.  And then give them to your neighbors because, gag, pumpkin pies are gross!


5.  Pick your own apples.  If you live in our area of the world, apple orchards are abundant and so are the festivals celebrating the apple picking season.  Go to one and come home with a full belly and plenty of apples to bake with too.

6.  Make a scarecrow.  It’s fun for kids and they work on squirrels for like a day.  PS I hate squirrels.

7.  Take photos.  My favorite photo session season, hands down.


8.  Go on a nature hike.  Enjoy the changing colors of the leaves and hunt for some cool ones while you’re out there.

9. Go to a football game.  You know how we love the high school football games in our town.  We never go to NFL games; too expensive.  And, for us, these are just more exciting.  Everyone is into rooting for the home team, it’s a great way to spend time with your community, and they’re cheap too!


10.  Donate to the food bank.  It’s approaching holiday season, the weather is getting colder, and the food banks could use your help.

11. Clean out the drawers.  We do this in spring and fall to make way for the next size and season of clothing.  And to donate or consign the items we don’t need/want anymore.


12.  Hit up the farmer’s market.  New season, new fruits and veggies to choose from at the stand.


13.  Go to a Renaissance Fair. We never miss it.  Ever.  Seriously.


14.  Have a Halloween party.  Ours is annual and it’s a big deal.  We invite a bunch of neighbors and it’s a ton of fun.  But, a small, easy Halloween party for just few kids is a fun idea too.

15.  Read scary stories.  In a tent, on your deck, with a flashlight under your chin.  Kids won’t sleep for days!  So, yeah, maybe don’t do this one.

What do you have planned this fall?!

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  1. I have never taken my kids to the renaissance fair, and we have a really good one. I’m a horrible mother.

  2. Ok, mixing up star wars and star trek is one thing…but hating pumpkin pies? It’s like that I don’t even know you.
    Ps. I live in Canada so you can send those pies here…with whipped cream.

  3. yay for taking pictures in the fall!!! My absolute favorite too!!! :) I sure do love a great leaf peeping trip to Shenedoah Valley. Gah we haven’t been in a few years now. Bed and Breakfasts aren’t too happy when you descend upon them with three small children!

  4. Oh yes the Renaissance Festival is on the to do list! We are working the pumpkin patch at church in a few weeks so that will be fun. Your photos are awesome as always. Teach me! Let me follow you around for a day, week, month…

    Come check out my pup photos this week!

  5. Cleaning out drawers is where we are now, absolutely. While my 10 yr old has shot up, she has not shot out. All the clothes are highwaters but of course the next size up is too big. Thank you, adjustable waists (although then it looks like she has cotton in the butt of her pants). We were spying the leaves in the backyard this past weekend. Needs another two weeks or so before that pile gets raked to jumping awesomeness.

  6. Fall is my favorite time of the year! And I love pumpkin pie… what is there to not love about it??

  7. I really want to play on one of those inflatable jumping pillows!!

    Fall is my favorite time of year. I’m hoping to find some time to get out and take pictures. So far, I haven’t had much luck.

  8. Fall is hands down the best! Now, if only it would consistently stay below 80 here so it would feel like it!

    (I need to get out my big girl camera and capture some “Fall!”)

  9. This is absolutely my FAVORITE time of year! And your 15 things? PERFECT. Thanks for the ideas – and I love all the shots! :)

    Taken for Granted

  10. Love, love, love this time of year. The air smells better, the sun shines clearer, and everything smells fresher. So much incredible fun you have planned for the boys, hope Mimi can make it for some of the fun.