Wordful Wednesday. The Brotherhood Photo Project.

Yes, I am still recovering from Disney.

Which naturally means I am going to spend this day torturing you with even more photos of our trip!


Really, this is more about something I learned while at Disney.  Spending so much time with my camera in my hands and my children unable to escape me, I discovered a few things that I plan on fixing:


1. The amount of photos I have of #1 is disgraceful.  Mostly because he thwarts my efforts to photograph him so ferociously, but also because he’s a little camera awkward, due in large part to the fact that he’s turning 12 soon and, like other Dudes at this point in life, he is generally a little life awkward.  But, I’ve decided these gangly arm, knobby knee, messy teeth moments are as important as the chubby wrist, rolly thigh, mostly toothless moments of the past were.  And, just like I look back on toddling #1 and sigh, I will one day look back on surly tween-age #1 and react similarly.  I mean right?  Just because he’s busy scowling at me and telling me that I better not post any of his photos on Instagram (hey kid, you’re not the boss of me!) now, it doesn’t mean that it will be like this forever.  RIGHT?!

brotherhood bw

2.  Brotherhood is beautiful.  And, as such, I’ve decided to launch a new series (I know, another one).

brotherhood photo project

Photos of The Dudes together to chronicle what their brotherhood is like.  The struggle, the beauty, the fierceness, the fun.  All of the things that I am hoping will one day lead to a beautiful friendship.  It’s what I tell myself to get through the days of mom-he-stepped-on-my-throat-after-he-stabbed-me-with-his-stupid-face-stupid-sword-so-I-broke-it-and-kicked-him-in-the-back-and-I-HATE-HIM! moments.  Which is nearly all of the ones they are awake for.  I’d love you with sons to join me (once a month perhaps, I’ll give you deets before we start), but even you don’t I’m on this.

disney backlot tour

3.  Finally, I’ve missed my real camera.  I’m such an iPhone addict that I often forget the beauty that can be chronicled with a for real life camera.  Initially, I wasn’t going to take it with me to Disney.  It’s cumbersome, I’m lazy.  But, I am so happy that I did!  So many wonderful memories were captured with that thing.

Now, let’s be Wordful!  My co-host, Angie at Seven Clown Circus, and I have decided to only feature one, seriously awesome linker-upper each week.  We really hope only having one post will encourage you to share the love and take a moment to visit.

pic of week 1

To jump it off, this week we’re featuring Kristi at Live and Love Outloud because after a wicked haircut, a girl really just needs some high fives.

Link away so we can feature you next week!


  1. says

    I am loving all your disney photos. Makes me excited to bring the boys when they are older. Also I can’t wait to hear the details about the brotherhood project. Sounds like fun. I watch and learn from you what life is going to be like in a few years from now with three boys. My first two are just getting to the point where they can play relatively well together (for a short while). It’s fun to watch..until they start beating on each other again!

  2. says

    Love these photos of your dudes and the Brotherhood Project! Such a great idea! I couldn’t help but laugh at being featured this week. That haircut was horrible and now I’m stuck with hair just below my chin. Can’t wait to grow this shiz out! lol

    Thinking of you and your family during this stupid government shutdown. So not fair.

  3. says

    Just got back from a Disney trip as well…it seems as if a lot of people I know are being drawn to the magnetic powers of the happiest place on earth. Glad to see you’re one of them =)! great photos!

  4. says

    These pictures are amaze-balls! And, seriously, you have 4 dudes, because the husband is totally one of them, too!

    I’ve been trying to capture the moments between my girls, too, but at almost 7, I realize I’m already not capturing the oldest enough. Help. Nor getting out my big girl camera.

  5. says

    I’m really happy you took your camera too. If only because my family has the exact same shot taken outside of Japan in Epcot when I was a surly 12 year old mean muggin’ my Daddy taking the picture. Oh the circle of life. Can’t wait to take one with my own surly tweens one day…

  6. says

    I so hope to go to Disney someday. I have two boys that are very close in age, 15 yoa and 14 yoa. I’ll probably jump on board for your project. As I’ve seen them grow up, it cracks me up that they are the first to pick on each other and the first to have each other’s backs.