Awesomeness to Your Inbox.

I shop online a lot.


Lots of reasons really: I live in the sorta boonies (meaning stores I actually like aside from Target take some serious driving to get to).  I work from home, on the computer, where I can do pretty much everything I want in jammie pants.  My UPS man is cute sweet.  Amazon Prime is amazing.  Shopping online is faster, easier, and (with a little know how) generally cheaper too.

I still enjoy getting out in the shops and doing the hands on shopping thing, but I always check online for things I want first.

Starting with Ebates.

Cash back shopping is what’s up.

Sometimes when I tell people about how cash back shopping really works for us, they give me that sure-crazy lady smile.  You know the one.  Where you want to make the person think you believe their crazy, just because they seem really excited as they launch into their convince-you speech, but mostly, you just want them to shut up already.  So, you smile super big, and make your eyes all bulgy, and shake your head in agreement to make them think you really are going to start buying all of your dog food online (you should, by the way, just sayin).

I’m guessing some of you are those non-believer types so I’m going to take the next 48 seconds to convince you.


Let’s look at the things I bought online this month (if you are DudeDad, now would be a good time to look away)…

cash back shopping

A pair of snow boots for Dude #1, a claustrophobic looking ninja skin suit for #2’s Halloween costume, jeans for #1’s long legs, ridiculously expensive, grain free, meat only dog food for DudeDog’s allergic-to-everything belly, pictures for the football team, and leave-in conditioner from Sephora for moi.

All things I needed.  All things I bought via the Ebates site.  All things that, at full price, would’ve set me back $186.34.

But, throw in my cash back savings and it all only set me back: $175.48

I saved $10.86!  Before the coupon codes I entered. On things I was going to buy anyway.  And, I didn’t pay a single cent for shipping.  Or any money for gas.

Simple math will tell you that, even if you only saved that amount once a month, by the end of the year you’d have enough cash to snag yourself a pair of really fly Chelsea boots (or whatever it is you like to buy when you get an extra $100 to spend on yourself).

Come.  On.

Why aren’t you using this?

Probably because someone like me hasn’t started a really awesome email newsletter thingy featuring cool things to buy for really affordable prices.

Or, maybe they have but you haven’t subscribed to it yet because they didn’t call it AWESOMENESS.

Or, maybe they did only it wasn’t me so you didn’t believe them.

Don’t worry.  I got you.

I’ve decided to launch a new little something to help all of my favorite readers stay up-to-date on things that are awesome.  And, for lack of creativity, I’ve decided to call it just that.  If you want to be down, you will get it monthly directly to your email inboxes.  You know after you sign up.

awesomeness newsletter

The bandwagon is leaving the station people, don’t get left behind.

Subscribe to AWESOMENESS* and prepare to be amazed.  Or, at the very least, somewhat entertained.

*A few things you should know if you sign up for my AWESOMENESS: First, if you click on one of my links, here or in my newsletter, and buy something, there is a chance that I will get paid because of it.  It’s not a guarantee (because sometimes I share stuff that I don’t get paid for just because I like to), it’s just a possibility.  I want you to know that.  Also, know that I would never tell you something is cool when it isn’t just so I can get paid.  I couldn’t live with myself if any of you went out into the world rocking a hideous fashion fail because of me.  Finally, this newsletter is scheduled to hit the streets once a month.  We will all hope that it won’t happen less than that, but rest assured, it definitely won’t happen more.  I’m not motivated enough for that and I don’t want to overwhelm you all.  Only so much AWESOMENESS a human can take!


  1. says

    *sigh* I could sure use more awesomeness. But as to ebates, I can barely keep the day to day going. It sounds like adding administrative details to life.

    Tell me it isn’t.

    • says

      It isn’t! It’s seriously the best thing ever. All you do is go to the ebates site first instead of whatever website you were going to by from. You go to whatever website you want to shop from through ebates and they do everything else for you. IT’S AMAZING!!!

  2. says

    Love ebates though I swear almost every other time I click the tracking link from gap it doesn’t register my purchase. So frustrating!

    Signed up for your awesomeness!