Fall Style: Leather Like Luke Skywalker.


It’s not just for the space travelers and biker babes anymore.

Leather’s for babes of all makes and models this fall.


Including chunky-ish mama bears who spend all of their free time, as limited as it may be, trolling the racks of Marshall’s looking for stylin’ faux leather bargains like these to bring home…

best fall boots

Boots, $29, Jacket, $49.99, rocking it like a boss, free!

I bought these while shopping with a friend.  When I tried on the boots she goes, “You look like Luke Skywalker! You’re not going to buy those are you?”

My response?  “Oh, you betcha!  Just beam me up Scotty because I am definitely buying these bad boys.”

Never you mind that Luke Skywalker has nothing to do with Star Trek.  Or that I sorta though I was more Princess Amidala.  When she got all buck and went back to fight with the Jedi’s to save Naboo.  Come on Dude Moms, I know you’ve seen it.

Point is I bought them because they are amazing, and I wear them even though it’s been 80 degrees here the past few days because a pedicure ain’t in the your husband is furloughed budget I love them.

And my leather jacket.  And the leather trim dress I got.  And the cute leather and gold clutch I snagged.

Leather is seriously my bag this season.

I haven’t quite siked myself up enough to go for the leather sweatpants (hello, oxymoron) though.  I’m clearly not the pioneer that Yezzus is (not sure what I’m talking about, feel lucky, but if you want to catch up watch this and then, watch this just to laugh, everything you need to know).

What is your fall style like this year?


  1. says

    Blasphemy! You mixed them up. Oh my son would slap this screen right now :)
    I love those boots. I haven’t been able to find a decent pair that don’t cost a first born and a baby rabbit.

  2. Heather says

    Love the look, especially the Luke Skywalker boots! Furlough has hit our house and I am even wearing socks inside too as I need a pedi badly. When this is over, I am heading for a pedicure and then taking home sushi for dinner :)!

  3. says

    Love that jacket and those boots! While you may think it’s more of a Star Wars outfit, I totally see a british space and time traveler, similar to Amy Pond of Doctor Who, or Trillian of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. You are rocking it, girl!