Wordful Wednesday. Talking to Dudes.

Last Saturday marked the end of regular season for our youth football program.

My middle ended the season heading to playoffs…

oakdale bears

They aren’t number one but he sure feels like it.

#3 ended the season uncertain about whether he will return to the field next year, but still smiling because that’s just who he is.  And also, they gave him a snack.  And let him hang out with his friends.  And made him a cool shirt with his name on the back.  He’s easy to please like that…

peewee football players

As sad as I am to see it all come to an end, it’s a little bit ridiculous how excited I am for a couple of weeks of relative downtime.  Having a few evenings where we can eat dinner at regular dinner time (not 4pm or 9pm), do our homework at an actual table (not while bouncing around in the car), and spend some time reconnecting (and catching up on missed episodes of Duck Dynasty) before the next sporting season (basketball) begins.

I love sitting on the sidelines cheering my throat sore for these Dudes, but man is it exhausting.

Sorta like finding the perfect costume for your middle schooler.

We went to four stores and searched online.

He finally found something…

gorilla costume

When he walked it over to me in Target last Saturday, I did a double take.  Like a for real one.  And then I basically had a conversation with myself over it:

Me: Wait.  You want to be a gorilla?

Him: Yeah.

Me: Come on.  What?  It’s a gorilla.

Him: Yeah.

Me: But.  Why?  A. GORILLA?

Him:  Staring.  Yeah.

Me:  Um, okay.  So, you’re like going to wear this to school?  On Halloween?  Like, all day?

Him: Yeah.

Me:  Are you sure? Because I’m not paying $25 for this moneky suit if you’re not going to wear it (laughing hysterically at my funny).

Him: Yeah.

Me: Fine, Gorilla Boy.  Put it in the cart so we can get out of here.  Are we done?

Him: Yeah.

This is what talking to Dudes is like.

I’ve determined that he wanted to get the costume because it’s really funny and all of his friends will laugh.  Plus, he will be warm when he’s walking around the neighborhood and he can wear it to scare his brothers at least once a week for the next 4 years as it should fit him for a few more inches.

I’m not sure how I know this, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t something he said.


3d ultrasound

This week we’re featuring a little womb action courtesy of Really, Are You Serious and her 3D ultrasound!  Pop over and see if she’s adding another girl to her 3 lady household or if a boy is making an appearance!


  1. says

    I am just checking to make sure you have the tazers and ball bats ready for when the girls start appearing. Your boys are so gorgeous and get more gorgeous as they go.

  2. says

    I will tell you that talking to them is very similar to talking to girls of the same age. Most of the time they look at me like I have a 3rd eye or something when I ask questions.

    • DudeMom says

      Yeah, but girls just talk so much more in general. My pretend daughter tells me SOOO much stuff. She has stories and like opinions and at least, she complains. These guys don’t even complain! I mean they do, but with grumbles and moans, not words. I want WORDS!

  3. says

    The “monkey suit” is funny (and I loved your little pun in there). That wouldn’t fly at our school though. No masks that cover up the whole face. Who makes up these rules??

  4. says

    I haven’t decided if I am looking forward to team sports and being a sideline mom. But you make it sound like fun times and they look so happy and handsome in their uniforms! I appreciate dude talk. They don’t mince words. Just. Yeah.

  5. says

    OMG I love it. And if Princess Nagger had seen the gorilla suit at Target, she might have wanted to get it, too – since she’s been nagging me to get her a ‘fur’ suit. Though she may draw the line at gorilla, I’m not sure. Or maybe she’d say “Yeah.” ;) LOVE all the shots – your dudes are quite dashing in their uniforms!

  6. says

    I attended a high school football game the other night, and realized it just isn’t my thing. Maybe if I understood what was going on…
    Your dudes look handsome in their uniforms.

  7. says

    I don’t know how you do the sideline thing. I tried with soccer. I’m no good at it! I need some dance or piano lessons in my life.

    You win extra cool points for getting that gorilla costume. But I have to agree with him, I think he’ll have a great time in it at school…and maybe there will be other gorillas to hang out with.

    That floating babe sure is cute:)