The End of an Era. What NOT to Wear Series Finale.

Okay fashion-less ladies, get out your tissues.

You opportunity to ever be made over by Stacy and Clinton on What NOT to Wear is officially over.


Actually, if you’ve been reading this lovely blog of mine for a while, you know that your chance officially ended last May when myself and 99 other former contributors (that’s what they called us makeoverees) descended on Las Vegas to film the final episode.  We were part of the coming out party for the final guest, and we were around to send Stacy, Clinton, Carmindy, Ted, and the whole #WNTW crew off with a bang.

Here’s a clip from tonight’s What NOT to Wear series finale show (I’m in it! Stacy hugs me around the 17 second mark).

It will air tonight, October 18, 2013, 9-11pm EST and the legend will be put to bed.

I plan to hang out on Twitter and share the behind the scenes info on the final episode.  If I can stay awake.  And remember what actually happened there.

You know, the whole what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas because you’re not used to staying up all hours of the night in a club with loud music and sleep deprivation makes you forgetful thing.

From what I remember, I know that the producers interviewed me (although, since I’m pretty unexciting compared to some of my fellow former contributors, I may be lying on a cutting room floor somewhere) after making me sit in a room, starving, for upwards of 2 hours with a bunch of other lovely ladies. And a couple of dudes.

It was quite the pleasant experience, despite the long-wait-while-starving-bit because I got to know some of the awesome people who had their lives touched (some for good, some for evil apparently) by the show.  I always wondered about the people I’d watched going through the process; like if they were really as, er, unique as TV makes you think they are.  From what I could tell from those two hot hours in a deserted hotel ballroom, I’m gonna go ahead and say yes, yes they are!

Mostly I was shocked by the wide variety of experiences people had with the show.  Following my week in NY, I imagined that everyone felt positive after being given this opportunity.  I assumed that, like me, people who got a free five grand to buy clothing with, a haircut and makeup by two of America’s most well known artists, and an entire week in New York having your needs met by a group of really sweet people, they’d at least have some positive things about the experience following.

I was wrong.

Everyone’s different.

Possibly I was just fortunate.  Don’t know or care.

I do know that I am grateful that the casting director stumbled across my nomination and thought, hmmmm, this chick looks perfectly terrible.  I am grateful that BFF and family stuck it out through the arduous process of getting me on the show (they had to work, in secret, with the film crew for weeks without me knowing).  I am grateful for every single moment of my What NOT to Wear experience, even if it did involve a pretty shameful ugly cry.  And the clothes!  Thank you for the clothes.*

what not to wear clothes

Peace out What NOT to Wear, it’s been real (like reality show real, not still-recovering-from-the-furlough real).

*Note all clothing featured here was NOT purchased when I appeared on the show.  Some of the items were. Others were just inspired by my experience.


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    So cool! It was your episode of What Not to Wear that lead me to your blog and I’ve been following the blog ever since. I was on bed rest when I stumbled across the episode. I’m glad I did and glad I found your awesome blog! I loved the show and I’m sad to see it go.

  2. says

    I loved your episode of WNTW! I discovered you and your blog that night, and I’ve been following your fashion tips, advice and journey ever since. I’m really going to miss the show, too. I’ve been watching since they were WAYNE and Stacy, but I like Clinton SO much better.

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    I love that you were on that show and love hearing about your experience on it. So freaking cool. Still need you to come and style me now! :) Although Instagram is pretty great for that these days too.

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    That is so cool! I’ve always wanted to be on the show. Although I must say, I’m not sure I could take the abuse or the 360. This is the only show my mother and I can agree upon. You and your clothes look gorgeous

  5. says

    That’s pretty awesome that You’ve been on the show. I mean…ummm well let’s just say I mean that in a good way not a bad way ok?! I would have loved for someone to nominate me!! :) I’m pretty sad to see it go but I hope they put all the episodes on Netflix…it’s a HUGE source of inspiration for me!!!