Wordful Wednesday. Officially Fall.

Where we live, that means three things.

Football, family photos, and football (the one Americans like to call soccer).

Pretty much that’s all we have time for.

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month and, for us football families, that’s a big deal.

breast cancer awareness

Our players and their families work really hard to raise money for the cause.  Our program donates all of the funds we raise to a local organization named for a woman in our hometown, the Patty Polattos Fund.  The parents and the kids all proudly sport our pink at every game just like the NFL players they all long to be one day do.

Even as a family who hasn’t been touched by this disease, our hearts go out to those that have and I like to encourage others to talk to their boys about breast cancer.

Mine had no idea.  They thought we were wearing pink because the lady in charge of ordering apparel loves Hello Kitty.

They know better now.  The know it’s deadly, that it takes people even when they are young and healthy, and that sometimes, boys get breast cancer too.

The only other thing I seem to be able to make time for this season is snapping photos of other people’s families.


It’s a business and a hobby that I am so grateful to have discovered many years ago.

But, in terms of business models, mine is probably not one to emulate.

Because it’s not my primary source of income, I choose keep a pretty small client base; a group of families who I photograph almost exclusively, along with the friends they recommend.

curly kid

I don’t advertise.  I don’t solicit clients or leave my cards around town.

It’s like my very own photo mafia; you gotta know a guy to get in.

Honestly, there’s nothing exclusive about it, it just makes my life easier.  And ensures that I always have time for my core clients and the people they send my way.


ella 2013_0326

Sure, I accept new clients from time to time, as my schedule permits.  I just never want to get to the point where taking photos, editing photos, and delivering photos is a chore.  Or something I have to rush through.

flower girl

Now, every family I capture with my lens is special.  There’s nothing clinical or uncomfortable about the moments I share with my clients; we know each other, sometimes we even go way back.  And I so look forward to seeing my little friends over and over and over again.

baby sundress

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  1. says

    Oh my gosh! Those are some of the cutest clients ever. I can see why you like taking photos of them. I also like how you shared so many photos of girls. ;)

  2. says

    Love the pictures of the football players with pink socks. That’s cool!

    I hope to have my own photo mafia someday. For now I am mostly taking pictures for family.

  3. says

    That picture of the baby in the diaper? Priceless, and oh do I want to squeeze her (I think it’s a her!) and blow raspberries on her tummy.

    Love the pictures. I still haven’t learned to use my camera well enough to take great photos. I am hoping to take some classes next year (seeing as it’s FREE for me at the community college where I work). I just need to carve some time into my schedule. Blah.