Best Gift Ever: Goodness! Smile It Forward with $500 from Invisalign.


Last week I walked into Starbucks and bought every single person in there a drink of their choosing.

Sure, it was like 1:15 on a Wednesday so my total bill was right up around $20 for the two other moms I interrupted and the strange man who kept smelling his fingers.

But, it’s not the cost that mattered.  It’s the thought.

Those three people, after they glared at me and got past the fact that I was being really, really creepy by making it rain in the coffee shop, gave me genuine smiles.  And heartfelt thanks.  And high fives because I forced them to (except for the stinky finger dude, I figured a fist bump made more sense).  A $4 cup of coffee may not be the best gift ever, but I hope that they also left with a happy memory and a really good feeling about human kind.

I would give that feeling away every single day of life to every single half way decent person on this planet if I could.

Sadly, I’m not someone who can afford to go around making people’s monetary dreams come true but, thanks to Invisalign (the people responsible for my bright, straight smile!) and their amazing Smile It Forward campaign, I am able to be Maryland’s black lady Santa for a few more days!

Along with my little sidekick elf of course!


As many of you know, #3 decided that he wanted to make the kids at Children’s National Medical Center happy, happy, happy by giving them a bunch of new toys this holiday season.

When we started on our mission to make this magic happen, we didn’t know exactly how we were going to go about it.  And by we, of course, I mean me.  He sorta figured he’d just go ahead and give away some of his old toys we have hiding out in our basement, and then make all of the rest with bottle caps, glitter, and glue (he’s sort of a craft genius).  Which is great in theory, but not so much in hygiene.

Toys donated to the hospital’s toy closet need to be new, and new toys require more than just glitter and glue and awesome.  They require money.

Money we didn’t have until Invisalign came smiling along and gave us the bank roll to Smile it Forward!

He took the gift card they sent straight to Walmart and bought one of all of his most favorite things.  Then he went online and picked out some cool stuff from some of his favorite websites too.  We plan to deliver everything after Thanksgiving, once he figures out how wrapping paper works.


Oprah ain’t got nothing on my baby!

Want a chance to act all Oprah this holiday season?

Invisalign is giving away a chance for you to Smile It Forward too!

smile it forward

Go ahead, make my someone’s day!

Invisalign’s Smile It Forward Sweepstakes

*Today’s post was brought to you by Invisalign.  I am a member of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board and have received complimentary treatment from them.  I wore my aligners for about 18 months and am very happy with the straighter smile I have as a result.  If you want to know more, please read about my Invisalign journey.  Official sounding disclosure found here: Invisalign Disclosure.


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    Yeah, Invisalign is a very good gift for kids and adults. It straightens the teeth without pain or stress. Also it is virtually undetectable

  2. says

    One day, I need to be in the bucks when that happens. I’ve only ever bought one drink before…I can’t make it rain, either.

    I love that dude #3 was able to pick out gifts and get goodies for the kids at the hospital. Now, good luck with that wrapping (hope you saved some money for gift bags!)