It’s a Wrap! We Filmed An Episode for NickMom.

Anyone who knows me in my real life probably has witnessed me stressing out about about being a part of an upcoming episode of Take Me To Your Mother for NickMom at some point over the last week.

Not because of the whole being on TV thing; I’m good with that.  You know, normally.  I can talk about fashion and parenting and travel and cool products for babies and kids until the cows come home.  Literally, try to stop me.

But, when someone says, “Hey, Amanda! Why don’t you come down and demo a couple of football drills for us?!”  Things start to get a little sketchy in the confidence department.

Sure, I’ve been to more than one Heads Up Football training session, and I am an Advisory Committee member for the NFL and USA Football’s Heads Up Football program.  And yeah, I’ve spent at least 4 days a week alongside a football field talking to my mom friends watching the coach get busy with the kids.

But, I am no football coach.  And I’m certainly not a master trainer.  The only thing I’ve mastered is how to match neutrals and embarrass myself in public.  And, no, I’m not doing the robot in this photo.  I’m. COACHING!


As it turns out, I was freaking out for nothing.  Or, like mostly nothing, because aside from this photo of me being, um, awkward serious, The Dudes and the awesome kids who accompanied me to the field did most of the hard work.

nickmom show

I got to spend my time chatting up the show’s host, Andrea Rosen, about keeping kids safe on the football field, and why I got involved with Heads Up Football and the NFL in the first place.


I vaguely recall leading a couple of drills where I probably used a bunch of meaningless hand signals and bounced around sounding like a really exuberant cheerleader and nothing at all like a football coach.  But whatever, that’s why I brought a REAL good one with me…

best youth football coach

And hopefully I was mildly entertaining and won’t end up being cut from the entire thing.

Saturday I got to enjoy a nice dinner with some of the wives of some of the Baltimore Ravens players.


We talked about something I know a whole bunch about: parenting, and raising young athletes, two things I’ve been doing for 12 years now.

Seriously, this kid is turning TWELVE this week..

tweleve year old birthday

back to school middle school

How did this even happen?  I’m seriously not old enough to be the mom of a tween who is taller just about as tall as me!

This week we decided to feature all of the awesome kids Halloween costumes we saw linked up!  We saw an awesome outhouse costume, a really cool Planes costumes, an adorable spooky zombie pirate, and a scarecrow costume too!

ww 11.12


  1. says

    Happy Birthday to him. Whoa though. Wasn’t he just like 8? How does this happen?

    What a fun FOOTBALL opportunity for you!!!

  2. says

    Okay those all look like AMAZING opportunities. Glad that you’re having so much fun.

    I’m still not convinced football day (Sunday) isn’t a terrible day though.

  3. Jessica T says

    Oh wow! You do such awesome things! ;) when does it air? I want to watch!!
    Happy birthday to Dude #1 too

  4. says

    Twelve is a CRAZY number, isn’t it?! My oldest turned at the beginning of the month. It’s crazy how fast time flies!

    Thank you for featuring my kids’ costumes!!! That plane costume was a hit for sure!

    Congrats on being on TV, hanging with the football player wives and all. Can I say “I knew you when…”?

  5. says

    Happy birthday to him and you (since you did all the work to get him out). I will be mother to a 13-year-old girl in 11 days. I am not ready.

    And hot damn for NickMom!

  6. says

    12?? Seriously?? Ok you get to do all the cool stuff.. color me a wee bit jealous.. at least until the girls come knocking and you are forced to break out psycho, my son ain’t dating no ho why you knocking on my door momma.. been there done that.. don’t envy that one..