Best Gifts for Dog Lovers.

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We are a family that loves to travel.

I have to do a lot of traveling for work and often I’m able to have the whole family accompany me on my excursions.

Everyone except for DudeDog that is.


When we head out on our adventures we usually have to leave her behind.

But, finding the right place was a struggle.

When she was an itty bitty puppy, we left her with Mimi and Papa when we ventured out of town.  She was easy to manage, their dog pretty much ignored her, and everyone wants to take care of a puppy for a few days, especially when they know it’s gonna sleep in a crate, cuddle you all day, and then go home to poop and pee all over someone else’s carpet.

Then she grew up and got less cute and more obnoxious.  Mimi & Papa’s beast decided that DudeDog isn’t really his type, and Papa suffered a knee injury that needed surgery right before we were scheduled to go on vacation.  He was in no shape to have a 55lb ball of energy running about his feet.

So our search for quality dog care began.

We called a ton of places and finally settled on a home based kennel that is run by two of the sweetest older people on the planet.

DudeDog loves it there.  In fact, if they had her wardrobe and all of her toys and her six beds and her meat-only treats and her special cleansing cloths and her Dudes she’d probably never, ever come home again.

We were lucky to hit a home run on our first try.  Some people aren’t as fortunate and have to search and search to find the right home away from home for their furry family members. helps people take some of the guess work out of the whole process.  Their online portal helps connect you and your pooch to local sitters who are willing and able to take care of your dog in their home (and sometimes in yours!).  They even offer a protection plan to help you feel even more comfy with leaving your dog baby behind.  You should probably just check out their site if you want to know more about it.

Or if you need to snag something awesome for a dog loving homie.

Here are some other great dog lover gift ideas…

Best Gifts for Dog Lovers Who Love Their Dogs As Much as You Love Your Children

best gifts pet lover

1.  Scented candles dogs and humans can enjoy. 2. Dog is Good has tons of fun stuff for dog lovers. We like these magnets. 3. Save on pet care by snagging the deal on Groupon before it expires. 4. Ore Pet is our favorite place to get cute pet accessories. 5. John Paul Pet, grooming for dog divas.  6.  I and love and you.  Best. Dog treats. Ever. 7.  Harry Barker. Home to really awesome dog toys and other stuff dogs find drool worthy. 8. Ore Pet again.  See, told ya they have cute stuff!


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    I saw your episode of WNTW today, and as a fellow blogger I knew I had to find you. Who knew that we also had big dog love in common as well!!
    I LOVE the canvas signs about dogs, I may have a few up in my house!
    I work at a dog daycare/ boarding facility in my town and love working there. The people who come love how tired their dogs are when they leave!! So much fun. So glad I found you!!