5 Holiday Style Looks to Try This Season.

Planning to get all sassy for a holiday party this year?

Yeah, me neither, but I still like to feel a little festive when we sit down for our family-only holiday meal.  And, when I take my champagne glass to the street to high five my neighbors.

Can’t do that stuff in my slipper socks.

Well, I mean, I could.  But, I took a vow when I was on What NOT to Wear, to myself, Stacy and Clinton, and the rest of the world that I wouldn’t.

The days of Amanda going places in her slipper socks and sweat pants are over, forever.  And that includes slightly-champagne-buzzed Amanda doing the running man on her street while kissing all of her neighbors on New Year’s Eve.

I don’t want that for any of you either.  As comfy and warm as it sounds, you really don’t want to be the chick in the slipper socks at the party either.  Even if the only attendees at this shindig will be you and your Dude.  Do him a favor this holiday season and up your style game just a teeny bit.

Think how overjoyed he will be when he comes down stairs after tucking in the little people to watch the New Year’s Rocking Eve show with you and you’re NOT wearing your slipper socks, or your granny panties, or your scrunchi, or that sweatshirt with the frayed sleeves and the bacon grease stains.  I know, I know he loves you anyway he can get you, but even the most devoted male spouse appreciates a little effort from time to time.

Heading to a real life grown up folks party?

Here are some holiday style ideas to help…

holiday style inspiration

1.  Get festive with a lace dress this season.  2. A pair of red stilettos can get your holiday party started right.  3. For women whose nails don’t grow long and strong, Custom Nail Solutions may be your answer.  And you can decorate them with some fancy holiday nail art if you’re awesome at that sort of thing (for the record, I am SO not).  4. Neck sparkle.  5. Sparkle clutch.  6. Hair sparkle.  And yes, barrettes are totally cool still.  7. Arm candy in the form of a really cool beaded bangle.  8.  A satin dress that is comfortable enough to rock all night long.  9.  A peplum styled LBD.  10. Ruffled blazer to go with your favorite slacks.

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  1. Now I feel like I should maybe make an effort to look bee-ootiful on Christmas and New Year’s Eve even though we’re not going anywhere. My poor husband spends most days looking at something that looks like it came right out of a vintage sleepwear catalog.