Real Mom Style. Stylish Holiday Sweaters.

I’ve decided to take it back to the basics for the rest of 2013.

Partly because I know that’s really all you guys have time for anyway as the holiday season approaches and you want to spend less time staring at me online and more time hanging out with your families.  And, mostly because I’m busy baking mad treats in my kitchen and want more time to lick the spoon for that.

Looking for something to rock this season that doesn’t make you feel and look like a soon-to-be-retired kindergarten teacher?

Check out these not-ugly holiday sweaters!


Mom Pretty Monday: Holiday Sweaters That Don’t Totally Suck

holiday sweaters women

1. Super adorable but costly-ish too reindeer sweater from J. Crew. 2. A partride in a pear tree. But, on your chest and in a cashmere sweater found at Loft.  3-5.  All three of the next styles are courtesy of the homies at H&M, makers of stylish winter sweaters for women who like to be stylish even if it is wicked cold outside. 6. Wear this pink snowflake sweater with leggings and boots and a furry hat, and gloves.  Never forget your gloves. 7. Get in the spirit with this Christmas tree sweater.


  1. says

    Sweaters aren’t my favorite, but I have to admit that they have their uses this time of year, and I do especially like #4 out of your line up!