The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe.

I don’t always have the best of luck with bringing to life the things I see on Pinterest.

Possibly that’s because I don’t have the best of luck just bring things to life in general.

Other than babies.  I make awesome babies.  And cookies.  My cookies are nearly as tasty as my children.

But, you know what they say, practice makes perfect.  And, as someone who bakes cookies at least three times once a week, I have perfected the fine art of baking a cookie so dang tasty it will make strangers fight each other in the streets to get to the last one.

I mean theoretically.  It’s not like I’ve witnessed a cookie riot before.  But, theoretically.

It’s my sugar cookie recipe that get people all turned up (although my oatmeal, my chocolate chip, and my peanut butter bring out the crazy a bit too).

Despite the fact that I am many people’s bake off worst nightmare, I personally like to explore opportunities to improve; to add to my cookie baking competition butt kicking repertoire.  As such, when the feeling strikes me, I head to the same place the rest of the world heads for inspiration: Pinterest.

Funny thing about Pinterest and those who use it is that we tend to lie embellish.  Everything on Pinterest is “THE BEST”.  Example: The Best Burger Buns Ever.  Sure, they look amazing, but the best?  Ever?  Who says?

I’m guilty of it too.  I recently posted The Best Chocolate Chip Cake Recipe and shared this mouthwatering little photo as proof…

best chocolate cake recipe

Only, I know it actually is, because, um, I say so.

I recently stumbled across a couple of Best Chocolate Chip Cookie recipes and I figured, “Ha!  I’ll be the judge of that!”

Four or so cups of butter and enough sugar to make me tap dance later and here’s the verdict…

These cookies claim to be THE BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES.  And, they are really, really, REALLY amazing.  I made them first because I appreciate a soft cookie and they are pretty spectacular in that way.

However, these really are THE BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES ever…

best chocolate chip cookie recipe

Chewy, but crunchy, but chewy, but crunchy in that perfect way that makes you want to do a lot of chewing and crunching.

Commonly known as the Ritz Carlton Chocolate Chip Cookie, but I like to call them my friends.  You can snag the recipe over here: The Ritz Carlton Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe.

And, before you say anything, I know, mine look different from hers, and I have no idea why (I think it’s the lighting and maybe the fact that I sort of ran out of chocolate chips which was cool for me because I usually think most people over do it on the chocolate chips anyway), but like, whatever.  I’d bet they taste the same because mine came out dang delicious.

This pin is a win!


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    You’re killing me with this! I’m supposed to be on a diet and you have my mouth watering over the idea of chocolate chip cookies!!!

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    I looooooove chocolate chip cookies. And they love me too – so much that they hang around in the vicinity of my thighs. Ha! Despite that, I’m totally trying this recipe out. I’m a sucker for a soft cookie.