So, That Was Awesome! Black Yogis & Catch Me on TV!

Because Fridays just seem to call for a round up.

And also, because I have a whole bunch of stuff to share with you that I can’t figure out how to share with you otherwise.  I’m bringing you a new Friday feature…

online awesome

Let’s say this is my probably-I-think-but-like-don’t-judge-me-if-I-quit-because-you-know-how-we-do weekly round up of things you need to know about in the online-osphere.

Ready? Ok!

Welcome to My Celebrity Life…

nickmom show

Totally.  Not really.

If you follow me on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/etc probably you saw that The Dudes and I filmed an episode of Take Me To Your Mother with NickMom.

It was about football and why my kids play and how come I love it.  Possibly there will be a clip of me actually on the field pointing and smiling coaching a bunch of small people in the fine art of Heads Up Tackling.  Or, it will show me acting like a buffoon and royally embarrassing myself as I’ve been known to do.  Pulling for the first one here.

If you have cable and want to watch it on TV, we can do so together, Saturday night, 10:30pm on NickMom (same channel as Nick wherever you live).  If you want to heckle me during the show I am going to be co-hosting a Twitter party with @NickMom during the episode (there will be prizes even) so you can join us if you wish.


This one time, in yoga class


Should we talk a bit about this yoga nonsense?


Yeah, let’s not.

Okay, let’s sort of.

I am a black girl who one time went to yoga to write a story for a magazine I write for.  The topic was: yoga is amazing.

I had to edit that article no less than three times because, ew, yoga.

I nearly passed out from my inability to in-haaaaale and ex-haaaaaale correctly.  I asked the instructor and everyone in the room for a brown paper bag with my eyes.  Apparently no one was STARING AT ME THE ENTIRE TIME for being fat and making them uncomfortable.  With my sweating and breathing and bending and what not.

I wound up falling asleep on the floor at the end (lack of oxygen or lack of interest, still not sure which) and waking myself up with my own snores.  People stared then.


Also, did you watch the video?  Black people don’t do yoga.  Or, they do.  Or, um, they don’t.  Stereotypes people, let’s smash them.


It’s Like Diesel, Baby


From Gawker

Call me crazy, but probably I now love Vin Diesel surfing more than crazy people want J.Biebs deported!

I sincerely hope he wasn’t drunk when he posted this.  I want this to have been done with all of his faculties in order and against the better judgment of his you-are-a-hardcore-action-star-act-like-it agent.

I can see #3 posting a similarly awesome video to his FB page one day.  When he is a multimillion dollar action star too of course…


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  1. says

    UM. The husband is deployed and that Vin Diesel clip just made my day. Even if he mostly stood around and missed a few lyrics when he lip synced. THIS is why I love you so my friend.

    And, I will be on twitter. If I remember. Shoot me a text. Because, you know, you’re not busy or anything. xo.

  2. says

    Going to try to watch and join you on twitter tomorrow night!

    I adore Vin Diesel.

    The whole yoga thing just confuses me. WTH, I just don’t get it, so I’ve ignored it.