The Brotherhood Photo Project. Take 2.

I know.

I’m so inconsistent.  You should see all of the half way finished projects I have in my house.  I have a section of my basement devoted entirely to storing them.  It’s sad.  Really.

But, the 52 week challenge so many of my favorite bloggers are participating in has inspired me.  To reignite my fire for the Brotherhood Photo Project.


It’s not like I haven’t been taking photos.  Because I totally have…

little brothers

Photo Notes: Dude #3 is physically incapable of taking a photo with a normal face.  Dude #1 is fed up with all things family, most notably me and my camera.  And, Dude #2 is apparently starving. I swear I feed him multiple times each day.

the dudes

I just haven’t been posting photos.  Which sort of like isn’t the point anyway, right?  I mean not really.

The essence of this whole thing is to capture the moments; for posterity, for them to appreciate one day, for me to cry over and fall asleep clutching when they are off to new, mommy-free adventures.

Or chasing chicks (seriously, if you’ve not seen this Old Spice commerical yet, WATCH IT, it is SO #DudeMomLife it’s not even funny.  I mean, it is, but like, it isn’t)…

Going forward, I plan to share the Brotherhood photos more consistently, and I encourage you to do so as well.  But, most importantly, I hope you remember to capture.  Even if you’re too busy, uninterested, or overwhelmed to post them to your blog or your Facebook page or Instagram or wherever you share your photos.  Even if all year you just let them sit on your memory card, taking up space.  Just haul out your camera (I leave mine on my counter always, for ease of grabbing), snap some photos, and save the moments for yourself and your family.  They will thank you one day.  And, even if they don’t, you will thank yourself.

***Sticks dismount from soap box***


  1. says

    You always make me feel better. Haha! I too am queen of the unfinished, half-hearted project. I start REALLY REALLY excited and ready to conquer the world and I end with a heap of partially used supplies living on my desk until my husband throws a neat freak fit.

    That said, I need to get better at taking pictures and actually DOING SOMETHING with them instead of just using my phone and letting them live there until I have no space left to store them (which happened yesterday). Sigh.