Cool Leggings for Me, $50 Giveaway for You!

Warm sweaters and cool leggings.  Sweet boots.  Fun bling.

photo 2

It’s really all you need to feel fly in the winter. (Under your coat of course. It’s 17 degrees here today, I am wearing a coat).

Particularly if you’ve got a funky pattern…


paired with a fun color…

photo 1

Sweater, tank, dangly bracelet & leggings: H&M. Necklace: Silpada. Gold link bracelet: Twisted Silver. Boots: Marshall’s.

Three reasons this look works:

1.  It’s versatile enough to rock to your kid’s basketball game.  I totally did.  Sat there and cheered like a lunatic while his team got smashed.

2.  It’s stylish enough to go, um, someplace you need to look stylish at, like, maybe lunch at a restaurant where you have to get outta your car and they come to your table to take your order and you feel slightly uncomfortable if your kid asks for a corndog when you order so you maybe only go there when the kids are with dad and you’re spending the afternoon catching up with your bestie after a blowout.  This I actually need to look into doing, stat.

3.  And, it’s comfy enough that you can kick off your boots and cuddle up on the couch with the kiddos later to watch School of Rock.  Done, done, and done.

Best part?  The clothes (not including boots & accessories) were all snagged on sale and cost me less than $25.  Fist. Bump.

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