DudeStyle. Cardigans.

It’s winter.

And, as reluctant East Coasters, we’ve come to realize that winter here, means WINTER.

Cold.  Blurry.  Freezy.  Ew.

The only thing to do in this weather is bundle up.  For safety.  For warmth.  For SANITY.

Fortunately, Dudes in sweaters are sort of amazing, right?

#3 put “old man sweater” on his wish list this Christmas.  Thank goodness Santa knew that he meant really cardigans that are stylish and fun…

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  1. says

    Is that boy ever anything but a complete fashion boss? So cute.

    Also, I love a good old man sweater. My husband eventually had to say to me “Uh, I think I might have enough sweaters” because I bought him an old man cardigan for EVERY occasion. Christmas? Stock up! Valentine’s Day? He could still use some more. Anniversary in August? You can never go wrong with an old man sweater!

  2. Natasha says

    MN here…nothing cuter than a lil dude in a sweater!!!! Our lil man like the pullovers, and the 18mo has been living in sweater dresses/leggings all winter!