How to Throw a Super Bowl Party. *Giveaway

We only have a super bowl party if, um, never.

We never have Super Bowl parties.

We are probably what you would call sore losers.  If our team isn’t playing we don’t feel like partying.  Maybe we’re bitter because we lost to one of those teams UGH Seattle in the NFC championship game at the last minute and being forced to watch them potentially win the Big Game makes us not feel like partying.

Or, maybe we just don’t care enough to sink our time and money into a party because the two teams playing aren’t teams we have any affiliation with or interest in.  And, also, see above (S-E-A-T-T-L-E).

Now, if our team is playing, we simply can’t stand to be in the same room with people cheering against us, or not cheering for us with the proper dedication, or distracting us from getting our cheer game where it needs to be to ensure a W.  We’re haters like that.  And we have a number of game day superstitions that we need to uphold (assigned seating, attire expectations, etc).  Having others around just makes it difficult to stay committed.

This, is commitment…

niners fans

Yes, even the dog.

Party goers just can’t bring this kind of intensity to our shindigs.

So, we skip ‘em.

But, just because we’re not throwers of massive Super Bowl parties doesn’t mean that I don’t know exactly what would make a Super Bowl Party work for those who like to get down like that.

el monterey taquitos

How to Throw an Awesome Super Bowl Party

1.  Invite the right people.  People are serious about their football teams and we Niners fans don’t want a single thing to do with you Seahawk fans at our Super Bowl party.  Granted, there is no way those two teams could ever make it to the dance together, but you see what I’m saying.  Invite people who care enough to watch, but not enough to fight.  Best bet, fill your party with friends who are all rooting for the same team and you’re golden.  Mix it up with passionate rivals and you should maybe think about putting your end tables away for the night so no one crushes them when a fight breaks out.

2.  Serve good food.  The kind people can eat with their fingers preferably.  We are big into things like chips and salsa, pigs in blankets, and bite sized desserts people can grub while also cheering.  El Monterey taquitos are an easy choice.  We received a bunch of the newest flavors to test out and The Dudes loved sampling all of the different options.  We put them to an ultimate game day taste test…

taquito taste test 3

Verdict is…

taquito taste test

They make the perfect game day snack because they are easy to prepare and come in a bunch of different flavors guaranteeing that there will be something that appeals to all of your guests, even if all of your guests are misguided fans of the wrong team under 13 years old and intermittent picky eaters.  Serve them with a dipping sauce or two and you will have the perfect pass around snack.

taquito taste test 4

3.  A comfy sitting area, a large-ish television, a good TV connection, and no music.  Because people are there to WATCH football.  They need to be able to have a chair to launch themselves out of when they cheer.  The need to be able to see the game without having to squint to read the score.  There better not be any buffering (okay cheapskates, you’re going to have to get REAL TV for this).  And absolutely, positively, NO MUSIC.  How will you hear the fun commercials with all of that going on?! Although if you wanted to maybe pause the game festivities to share Vin Diesel dancing to Beyonce for all of your friends, I doubt anyone would hate you for that.  As long as you bring out more taquitos first!

Today’s post is being brought to you by El Monterey Taquitos.  Want to get your taste buds in on this action?  Take the taste test challenge yourself by entering to win some of your own!  Eight vouchers up for grabs…

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  1. Jennifer T. says

    I love to serve those sweet n sour party meatballs made in the slow cooker. I like no fuss food.

  2. DESIREE H says

    these are great because they are easy to make, taste great and do not take long to cook.

    I also like sausage cheese dip for game days!

  3. David says

    Pizza is always a popular favorite, but I prefer to serve finger foods that people can eat and watch the game without making a mess. These taquitos are perfect for that.

  4. says

    I’m all about dips and chips! But veggie trays are great too, people just tend to pick over them I always feel like they’re a waste. I love how unenthusiastic your son on the far left is about taking that first photo! Hilarious!!!