Stuff Dudes Like: Bunk Beds & A Super Heroes Giveaway!

Naturally I got all sidetracked last week this entire month because of the snow, the snow, THE SNOW and I straight up forgot didn’t get around to posting a Brotherhood Project photo.

I’ve really never, ever been good at projects. I am a test taker. I will rock a test.  But, projects, sigh.

Anyway, I found some inspiration when these two come at me like this…


It was a ploy to get me to bunk the beds in their room.

We’ve not done the bunk bed thing in years; honestly, maybe never.  If memory serves me correctly (which it rarely does), the last time we had bunk beds #1 and #2 were sharing the room #2 and #3 currently occupy, and #3 was still sleeping in his crib like the baby he was.

As fun as bunk beds are for kids, they are remarkably less fun for moms.  They take away under bed storage, and they eliminate sitting on bed for a night time read opportunities (because one is basically touching the ceiling and the other is a hidey hole), and have you ever tried to change the sheets on a bunk bed?  Don’t.  It sucks.

And, as I adorable as their pleady faces are, they aren’t what swayed me into doing their bidding.  We just so happen to also be in desperate need of a room makeover.

We need to rid ourselves of the baby-ish mural painted on the wall.  And, we need to downsize a bit because two beds, two dressers, and a storage chest thingy in their tiny room in the side-by-side bed configuration is NOT working.

Just, so, so cramped.

If we threw a toilet in the corner, it would be like a jail cell.

And, while painting the walls isn’t on the agenda this week (we got snowed in before we could make it to the store for paint), rearranging things and bunking the beds I could totally manage.

Throw in a little fun flare and things are looking up!

We got this SUPER cool eKids Marvel Avengers Hulk Rechargeable Character Speaker to check out.*

ihome speaker

With all of the extra room to stretch out and a funky way to play their jams, they love listening to music in their room while they have impromptu Twerk parties play Legos or shoot hoops or get into fights over, um, everything.

And dancing.  So much dancing…


There’s not a day that has gone by since it showed up that I’ve not been serenaded by the sounds of their favorite jams coming from their new favorite spot to hang out.  Or a day that I have not lamented introducing them to Imagine Dragons (seriously, they can ruin a song for a person).

Want to bring the super hero jam sessions to your home?

Enter to win an eKids/Marvel rechargeable character speaker for your little super heroes (choose from Hulk or Captain America).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*We received this speaker, free of charge.  All opinions and dance moves are entirely our own.


  1. Rosaria says

    My boys think they are too cool to dance so I find dancing and music a great way to embarrass them as they enter the teen years. ;) One day they’ll learn girls live boys who dance.

  2. Jessi says

    My son’s favorite band of all time is They Might Be Giants. We have all four of their kids albums. And the music is pretty rocking!

  3. says

    Right now we’re dancing to Pharrell’s Happy EVERY DAY and Herbie Hancock’s Rockit. You are totally going to play that now, aren’t you?

    I am SO ready to de-bunkbed the girls’ room. That top bunk laughs at me every time I try to change the sheet. I tried to tell her to do it but she tried once, said she heard a sinister laugh, and now only uses the top sheet to lay on.

  4. Zach Rogers says

    My kids love dancing to Despicable Me, Capital Kings and Britt Nicole. They love all of that.

  5. says

    Oh, they look like so much fun! I too have three boys (ages 6, 4, and 2) so I look to you for inspiration! We have been debating the bunk beds around here (with a single over a double, I think) but I’m not so sure it will be so great. All I can think of is how they will be jumping off the top onto the bottom, etc. And changing the sheets, man, I never even thought of that!

  6. Christina says

    My lil dude loves to dance party it up on his his wii. his davorite song on there is Despicable Me. He also loves to You Tube What does the Fox Say & Gangnam Style, and dances along with them.

  7. SHANNON H. says

    My kids are obsessed with “What does the fox say?” They love the whole kids bop 25 CD and play it daily. My boys would probably pick Hulk but I think they’d love either. My boys share a room with a bunk bed too.