So, That Was Awesome: Our Tweet from an American Idol.


The top 30 American Idol contestants have been named.

I know, if you don’t watch that show you’re probably all, ummm, ooookay, no big deal.

But, for the three Dudes at The Dude house who actually judge every night’s dinner the way Paula, Randy, and Simon (yeah, we’re old school) would, it most certainly is a big deal.

We’ve yet to miss a single season of Idol.  Though we may lose interest as the show progresses into the final rounds, as the people we love get voted out, we are loyalists through the beginning of every season and this one is no different.

Emotions have been running high for these Dudes as they are pulling for one of the most emotional contestants on the show currently, Mr. Emmanuel Zidor.

My Dudes fell in love with his story, his passion, his engaging personality, and his voice the moment he crawl-sang his way through the door at the Idol auditions in San Francisco.

They have been pulling for him ever since, because they think he deserves a win, and they are highly enraged that people have been mean to him in life (The Dudes don’t do mean).

So, when he cried his way into the top 15 boys this week, we cried right along with him…

photo 2(7)

And, if seeing him get a coveted spot on the show wasn’t reward enough, he actually messaged my Dude afterwards and thanked him for his support…

emmanuel zidor

He was almost as excited as when he discovered himself in an H&M catalogue.*

photo 1(8)

*It’s not him, but it took some serious convincing for him to believe me.


In unrelated news, it’s Black History Month!  I wrote a post sharing some things you should know about black people that you’re welcome to check out.  Sadly, I left one off: we don’t all look the same.

It’s cool though because, Samuel L. Jackson does a much better job of reminding the world of that than I could.  Seriously, best video ever.

Right next to this one in support of Michael Sam, the openly gay football player heading to the NFL draft this year.

In spite of my passion on these topics, I will likely never be as eloquent as either of these two humans.


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    We’re big idol fans too…no kids at home now to blame it on, we’re just hooked! Had to dvr this week cause it’s been crazy with out of town visitors…can’t wait to catch up on the top thirty on Monday. I’ll be sure to pay attention to your guy’s pick…love how his heart strings are so tuggable!