Dude Approved DIY Kid Crafts

I am not that crafty of a human.

My hands shun intricate details, and make a mess of things that used to be pretty.

But, every now and again, I sorta hit the jackpot when it comes to craftiness and, when I say every now and then, I basically mean five times in about as many years.

Here are 5 DIY Kid Crafts to Try This Week!

crafts for boys

DIY Lego Table

lego table tutorial 2

Tacky glue, Lego base squares, and a wooden table with drawers (we used the Ikea NAME) is all you need to make this magic.  Never step on another evil Lego piece in the night again.  And, if you do, you are within your bounds as a responsible parent to yell at people over it.

Easy No-Sew Cape

how to make a cape

All you really need is an old t-shirt and a pair of scissors.  Glitter glue is entirely optional.

Cardboard Rocket Ship

how to make a cardboard rocket

Finally something fun to do with all of those boxes you have laying about other than step over them on your way out the door every day.  This one is still in the closet and comes out to play every now and again.

Kid Tent

diy kids tent

It’s cheaper to build than the fancy ones you see online, but way more labor intensive.  This is one of those crafts that people on Pinterest lead you to believe was just made from imagination and fairy magic some things laying around the house.  Liars.  This thing is hard to construct.  While building it, you will definitely break a sweat, will probably swear a bit, and may even suffer an injury (pinched the crapola outta every single one of my fingers).  Fortunately, it comes out pretty spiffy and your kid will probably love it for a number of years, so totally, worth it.

Handmade Felt Board

how to make a felt board

After a few attempts, this one turned out awesome.  We don’t use it much now that the kid can actually read, but when he couldn’t so much imaginative, story-retelling fun!

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