Dude Style. Biker Boys.

He wanted a vest.

Fortunately I was able to convince him of the general impracticality of vest wearing for winter.  Because, like, how do you keep your arms warm?

Plus, he was a little iffy on if he would actually wear aforementioned vest to school and I was like, well, we don’t pay $17 for house clothing.  We get that for free from your brothers.  Or for cheap at the thrift shop.

So, instead, he talked me into this…

leather 4

kid spring style

Because, seriously, it’s a pleather Dude jacket.  I really didn’t need much convincing.

leather 5

It’s so practical.  He can wear it when he leads his big wheel biker gang around town.  Or when he takes his Chevelle out for a Saturday night cruise.  Or, ugh, it’s not super practical.  Whatever.

leather 2

It’s super adorable, and he likes it, and he wears it on our milkshake dates, and that makes it worth it. Totally.

leather 3

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