Mom Pretty Monday: T.J. Maxx Style

I could’ve titled this post freezing cold style.  But then I remembered that freezing cold style is also really lame and boring style.

There’s just so much fleece and coat cover that I find it depressing.

Every day I feel like the Girl in the Dragon Tattoo.  Covered in snow and black and grey, fighting for my life in the ice covered mountains.  While eating cookies.  Or something.

I determined recently that some color was in order.  Only way I could possibly make it through another snow day would be if I had something pretty and bright to wrap up in.

TJ Maxx, I can pretty much always count on you to come through for me for under $20…

winter style tj maxx

Thank you.

Also, how come no one told me TJ Maxx has online shopping now?!

I don’t even have to go out in the tundra for pretty things anymore?!  I may need someone to wrestle my credit card away from me soon.

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  1. You’re smokin’ in those boots! Just got back from NYC and I’m still thawing out.

  2. Cute sweater! And yeah, if it ever defrosts around here, I might actually wear something besides leggings and boots. :-)

  3. fantastic print on that sweater!! LOVE IT!

  4. Cute look. Love TJMAXX!!

    Have a great week!


  5. TJ Maxx and Marshalls are pretty much my favorites— and I had no idea you could shop online. Please be prepared because I am directing my husband to you when he wonders where all of these new things are coming from. ;)

  6. I freaking LOVE T.J. Maxx and Marshall’s. I love the hunt. And finding good deals. It’s a win-win! You look GREAT!!!