The Lego Movie Review: Everything IS Awesome!

The theme song that may literally never, ever leave your head for the duration of your entire lifetime is probably also the best review of this film.

Because, truly, according to this Dude family, everything is, in fact, AWESOME.

The excitement leading up to the release of The Lego Movie, set to hit American theaters on February 7th, is just about enough to make a person burst into a million pieces in pure Lego human fashion.  People of all ages are anxiously awaiting this one (I say this because I have had more than one childless friend ask to borrow my children to go to this movie).  Often, when a movie generates this kind of buzz, one (and by one I mean me) finds themselves sitting in a theater dozing off (and by dozing off I mean actually sleeping, maybe even snoring) during a disappointing showing of some poorly done animated feature (fine, I’ll say it, I’m talking about The Nut Job). This time however, I will say something I rarely get to say: DO believe the hype!

From the first moments we encounter Mr. Business to the very end when the real life person the aforementioned character is meant to represent melts our hearts, we were in love with this movie.

It’s funny, in that grown up way that kids get too.  It’s action packed without the need of actual blood, because, duh, Lego people don’t bleed.  And, it’s got a far reaching, inspirational message that will remind you exactly why you plop down loads of cash and even more time to bring to life those building sets your kids beg you for.  Even though they wonder off while you build them solo.  Even if they make you fix them a MILLION times a day when the propeller falls off.  Even if they cost a HUNDRED DOLLARS?!

Okay, maybe I’m the only person who needed this film to remind me to focus on the inherent awesome of these mini creativity machines that keep all three of my children engrossed in imaginative play for hours on end, and not get all caught up in the details of them.  As I sit here finishing a Batman car after my children have gone to bed.

But, back to the movie.

It was everything this Dude family looks for in a film: action sequences, funny one liners, super heroes, super villains, Will Farrell, and a really banging soundtrack (okay, so what if I can only remember THAT ONE SONG, I’ve been brainwashed apparently).

Want to know if it’s safe to take your kids?

I was going to say 100% totally, take them, girl, boy, two year old, tween, they’ll love it.

But, then I remembered that every family is different.  And some won’t enjoy this movie because they also don’t enjoy smiling their preferences are different.

With that in mind, here are a few people who may not want to see The Lego Movie:

  • People who don’t enjoy laughing out loud at things that are funny.
  • People who might be upset or saddened by a Lego man being beheaded (it happens, fair warning).  These would also likely be people who don’t actually have sons that play with Legos (because, um, their heads come off all the time).
  • People who might be upset or saddened by Lego violence in general (in addition to beheading, Lego peeps get blown up, set on fire, tossed out of buildings, run over by a multitude of vehicles, shot, crushed, and eaten by some sort of sand creature).
  • People who have a perpetually crying toddler that they refuse to take outside or into the hall way for like two seconds so the rest of us don’t miss the important plot points that occur via dialogue (side note, you should probably not see ANY movies and I also never want to be behind you in the car rider line at school, or at the grocery store because I bet you write checks).
  • People who don’t like Star Wars, Batman, Super Man, Abraham Lincoln, ancient Rome, Wonder Woman, Morgan Freeman, the old west, crazy cat ladies, The Matrix, pirates, the NBA, construction workers, astronauts, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, heroism, bravery, self discovery, childhood, or humanity in general.

Everyone else should see this movie.

Now remember: You are “the greatest, most interesting, most important person of all time”.

We all are.

*I was not at all compensated for the review of this film. We went to a screener with a bunch of other people and stood in a super long line to get in and see this advance showing.  If you want to attend these as well, check out this advance movie screenings site for info!