So, That Was Awesome. Awkward Photos & Really Cool Chevys.

Week 10 of 2014 was a tough week here.

Probably just because it was so cold.


Because this is the longest, coldest, ugliest, bitterest, most-nearly-unbearablest winter pretty much in my entire basically 30 year history of winters.

As much as I love snow days even I am pretty over snow days.

Only because they screw up the routine, which I am usually all for, accept for the fact that #3 does not deal well with screwed up routines.  He has OCD.  People with OCD like predictable schedules.  And repetitive action.  As repetitive as this snow is, it’s causing every thing else in life to not be.  Unless you count that he now cries before school on the rare occasions that we have it repetitive.

Stupid face dummy head snow.

End three year old lady tantrum.

Now, in an effort to look on the bright side of this life as much as humanly possible, I’ve still managed to carve some awesome out of this ice block to share with y’all.

That’s just how I roll.

Week 10 Awesome:

1.  I discovered this post about really terrible school photos on How to be a Dad.  Which inspired me to share one of my own awkward photos on my Facebook page, because, yeah, obviously…


The rest are equally, um, engaging so you should check ‘em.  Good for a laugh or, if the shoe fits, a walk down awkward-middle-school-memory-lane.

2.  I finally found someone who feels as passionately about Frozen as I do.  I wish I was skilled enough to jam out on the piano or record a sweet video to express my disdain.  But, what I can’t say in lyrical parody I can say to all of you here, with words: Let it go, people, seriously. Just. Let. It. Go. (Note: I won’t lie, I enjoyed the movie, plenty.  What I enjoy less, or actually, not at all, is that it is all everyone can even think or talk or SING about these days.  Also, I like the Happy song from Despicable Me like, WAY more.)

3.  A kid in South Africa did something many soccer fans only dream about doing: he rushed the field and got up close and personal with the Brazilian players at the end of the game.  Best part, he didn’t even have to get naked or be trampled to do it AND he scored a picture with Neymar, arguably one of the best players in the game currently.  He totally stole my signature pose though, but it’s cool.  Cool, cool, cool.

4.  We went to DC to enjoy a day with my parents and the car my dad built.  Despite what you see here, they had fun.  They did.  Oh my gosh, I swear the did.  Ugh, just scroll down…

classic chevy car show

See!  Note, this was right after we told them it was time to leave and go to dinner, but whatever. Smiles!

We proceeded to drag them all over in search of a meal thanks to the two hour waits the Eagles concert was causing (who even cares about The Eagles? So many people apparently.). Finally, near starvation drove us to Chinatown for a bite and their joy returned.  Silly boys thought they were actually in China.

chinatown dc

5.  Ummm, I honestly don’t even really have five awesome things to share this week (unless you want to hear about how #3 is in his first play next week, #2 made the all-star basketball team, and #1 just tested into 9th grade in math even though he’s only hald way through 6th!).  Just four sounded weird.  Check out what’s up in Blog Land this week:

  • Planning a party for your favorite little super hero? Check out this super hero birthday party Mindi hosted this week.  So much awesome.
  • I know how excited you guys get when I make delicious treats, but if you’d like to be culinarily (ugh, another made up word, I need to speak to Webster’s) inspired, you should fo sho check out the homie Liza.  Start with her yogurt recipes where she surreptitiously substitutes yogurt for sour cream in a way that makes me think I actually might not miss it to- hold up, snickerdoodles!- everything else, you will not be disappointed.
  • Finally, there’s this movie coming out?  Called Divergent?  According to the pandemonium at the Divergent premier in Atlanta this week, it’s sort of a big deal.  Now, convince me why I should read the book before I see the movie.


  1. says

    I am one of those people that can’t let Frozen go. I apologize. I also blame my daughter because she’s so crazy about it that it’s rubbed off on me!

  2. says

    How did I miss that parody of the Frozen song? So much awesome!

    Dudes having fun at the car thing…I’ll take your word for it.

    And congrats on the math testing..I’m a math dork so I think that’s the best sort of awesome.

    PS Yes, read Divergent, and Insurgent. But confession..I’ve had the third book on my kindle since it came out and haven’t read it yet because I’ve heard the ending makes people mad…and I don’t like being mad when I read!

  3. says

    Thanks for the link love – I’m a total yogurt convert, and convinced it makes ALL the things better. (Mostly.)

    As for “Divergent,” yes. Read the book. I picked that one and “Insurgent” (book #2 in the series) up last summer before vacation and couldn’t. put. them. down. Quick and engaging reads…and dare I say, at the time I considered that they might be better than “Hunger Games?” I’m hopeful that the movies live up to the books. *fingerscrossed* I need to read the 3rd book now that it’s out.