Human Style: Jord Wood Watches #Giveaway.

I bought #1 his first adult sized shirt this week.

He’s officially outgrown the children’s department and is the size of a small-ish man.

Just this past New Year’s Eve he was shorter than me.

Two months ago, I was still looking down at him.  Okay, like not down, down, but definitely straight across.  Sort of eye to eye-ish.

mom and son

He is taller than I am now. (Above really blurry picture was taken at his elementary school graduation 8 months ago. He is now as tall as I am in this photo;I was wearing heels this day.)

Definitively.  Like even if I puff myself up, and use my mom eyes on him, he’s still taller.

And, it’s happening so fast!  It seems that every single morning he wakes up larger which would possibly also account for the piles of food he’s putting away and his inability to haul himself out of bed at the sound of his alarm clock.

As much as I want him this to stop, I also want it to keep going because I want to see.  I want to see how big he will be when this whole turning-into-a-man thing is all said and done.  I want to know how much acne he’s going to get.  And if the will be a good driver, or learn a second language, or make the high school soccer team, or have his heart broken by a girl who clearly enjoys being punched in the throat by loud mouth mama bears who love their sons fiercely, and just everything else.

I am so anxious to see all of it, but also so wanting to grip onto time and make it not move an inch so that I can keep him here with me exactly as he is today.

Okay no, I actually need a time machine so that I can rewind things a bit and go back to when he was smaller than me and just stop things then.

Speaking of time, Jord sent us one of their awesome wood watches to check out.

wooden watches

Dude #1 wanted to keep it (apparently he is finding his fashion conscious, never mind that it is not at all related to his hygiene conscious), and then DudeDad came along and got sparkly eyes.  All was settled when I realized that they were awesome for style loving ladies too… womens watchwooden watches women It’s all about the accessories. Rocking a watch is such a cool and easy way to up your style awesome, and with a unique piece like the ones Jord offers, the style awesome upping possibilities are pretty much endless. 5 Reasons Jord Wood Watches are Seriously Freaking Cool 1.  They’re wooden.  And, how many of your homies have wooden watches?  Probably not many. 2.  They’re handcrafted from sustainable, natural materials.  Hooray for being green! 3.  They are coed timepieces!  The watch faces aren’t huge, but they aren’t super small either, meaning whether you have a dainty lady wrist or a chunky man hand you can find a Jord that fits you right. When you break it right down, it’s really just a matter of how funky is your chicken. 4.  They have styles for pretty much every taste. As long as you’re all good with wood, there is a Jord out there for you: 5. They are giving one away to a lucky DudeMom reader!  In fact, one of you sexy beasts will get to get cozy with the same watch you see us is modeling for you here.  You can get all the deets on it at the Jord site: Fieldcrest Natural Green wooden watch by Jord. WIN A WATCH *We received a watch to rock free of charge. They didn’t tell me I had to look fabulous in it, that just sort of happened.

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  1. Melanie Bahr says

    I would give it to my husband for his birthday! He deserves something nice and hasn’t had a new watch in years!

  2. Candie L says

    My husband has become a watch horder. He likes the idea of having several to choose from. Thank you

  3. Sarah R. says

    If I won this rocking Jord, it wold go to my Father. He’s been requesting a wood watch, since he broke the one I got him for his birthday.

  4. Rachael says

    I think my husband will be wearing it. I would like too but I bet he’ll steal it. =)

  5. Paula Michele Hafner says

    I would give it to my husband. I can’t seem to wear a watch. It stops keeping time after a few weeks!

  6. kelly tupick says

    My husband who will be turning 40 will be rocking this wonderful and stylish watch.

  7. MARIA simon says

    I would actually keep it..mine went out 2 days ago. thanks for is so pretty thanks

  8. Jeremy Johnson says

    This would be mine. I’ve bought both of my sons each a nice watch, and it’s time to replace my own.

  9. Mary V says

    I would give it to my husband, he really likes watches and works with wood making lots of items

  10. Carly says

    My dad loves watches, and I really think he would like how unique this watch is. It would be a gift for him!

  11. Christy Peeples DuBois says

    I think i will rock this neat watch if I win it. I really like these watches.

  12. Maegan G says

    Probably my boyfriend, I don’t really wear watches so this would be a present for him :)

  13. jennifer bogart says

    idk….this watch is so awesome that we might have a family fight over who gets it!!! Love the green styling and utter coolness!!!! I hope I win!!

  14. Elijs Dima says

    I’d ceretainly rock that thing. On a rotation though, amidst my more conventional watches (hey, everything needs a little attention now and then!). But, yes, verily wouldst I peruse this time-telling wizardbangle.

  15. Carly D. says

    My husband! He absolutely loves the uniqueness of these watches and is hoping I win for him!

  16. Hanna says

    Originally, I wanted to get one as a gift for my brother…. But, I’m starting to think it would look pretty cool on me!

  17. says

    I don’t understand how can he get so tall in 8 mos? How is that possible? The day that my son will be taller than me has never occurred to me. But he’s climbing his way already… I need to start wearing heels more often in preparation.

  18. jessica t says

    Well..I think I want it for me but I will share with hubs if he wants to wear some too

  19. says

    I love me some bling and feel naked if I am not wearing armcandy. This wood watch would be so freakin’ awesome to win!!!

  20. says

    Um, I want that watch. Like, seriously. I’ve been eyeballing all sorts of watches lately and this has to be the best I’ve seen.

  21. KIRBY says

    All though my dad is a watch fanatic and I am not-normally, I would keep it, momma needs to spoil herself sometimes and this is perfection, I love it! It’s different and not too laid back that I couldn’t rock it all dressed up or down!

  22. says

    OMG, I don’t know if I want to keep it for myself or give it to my DH. I showed him some wood watches on Pinterest last year and he was into it.

  23. Heather says

    My hubby has been talking about a new watch. This would be a perfect surprise for him!!

  24. Ashley says

    I would definitely give this one to my big dude, because he LOVES watches, and would love something this unique!