#Awesomeness: Kids Glasses, Selfies, & Mom on TV

Probably the most thrilling event that occurred in the Dude Casa this week is that I went on the Dr. Oz Show #3 was in his first play #3 finally got his sports glasses from Liberty Sport.*

athletic glasses kids

Already they are making such a huge difference in his life (4 kids asked to sit by him at lunch the first day he wore them to school; he’s convinced the red makes him dramatically cooler).  His smile is bigger for sure…

sport glasses

Expect additional photos and videos of the Rec Specs in action when baseball season is finally up and running.

If you are the mama (or papa) to a bespectacled athlete, I 100% recommend you snag a pair of sports safe kids glasses from Liberty Sport for your little athlete.

Athletic Eyewear for Glasses Wearing Youth Athletes: 6 Reasons Your Kid Needs ‘Em

rec specs kids

1.  Getting hit in the face with a ball while wearing glasses hurts.  Like a mother.  It hurts less when you have these specialty glasses on.  Why?  Bridge padding of course.

2.  They come in super fly colors.  He picked red, but they have blue and orange and green and silver and so many options.

3.  They’re look awesome in selfies…

best selfie ever

4.  They fit more securely than many standard options so they don’t fly off while your kid is schooling fools on the field, or the court, or wherever s/he does their schooling.

5.  The peeps at Liberty Sport do a superb job of ensuring that your kid’s glasses are an awesome fit for them.  They walked us through getting accurate fit measurements, and even sent us a couple of pairs to fit test.  It was an even better experience than going into a random store where the staff isn’t super knowledgeable about fitting active kids with active eyewear.

6.  They’re impact resistant for safety and so mama doesn’t go broke buying glasses for kids who keep breaking them playing sports.


Other awesome this week…

awesome online wk1

1. I actually was on the Dr. Oz show. I’m not going to tell you the topic, but I will tell you I met a hip hop mogul, I wore leggings as pants (shhhh! Don’t tell Stacy & Clinton), and I found inner peace during my 3 minute segment! It is set to air sometime next week (or the one after) and I will happily share the news with you on the old Facebook page when I get it.

2.  There’s a Jord wood watch up for win on the blog this week.  Seriously cool way to keep the time.

3.  Also, I love these knit pouf a-ma-thingers.  They really bring some bright an interesting to a room.  Buuuuut, like what are they for?  Sitting or feet?  Also, will my dog eat them?

4.  It’s sorta sad that the universe continues to mock me with its hideously bad weather and freezy temps to the point that all I can think about are fleece lined leggings, chunky sweaters, and socks.  Warm, but adorable socks.  These I love.

5.  Also, I am obsessed with Free People presently.  I can not afford the lovely that I see there in droves, but I am buying those socks, and maybe asking for this funky square ring for Mother’s Day, because, sigh.


In the blogsphere this week…

*Liberty Sport sent us Dude #3’s fan-freaking-tastic Rec Specs to give them a test run.  All opinions are my own and I make no guarantees that your kid will be schooling people, smiling more, or jump kicking like a boss upon purchasing this eyewear, but I’d be willing to bet on it.


  1. says

    Can’t believe I missed your big appearance. I was really looking forward to it. I’m going to have to google it and see if I can catch it on the network’s site if YouTube. I hope you have a great time doing it! Congrats.

  2. says

    I love the knit poufs too! I got one at Target and I use it as an ottoman in my daughter’s room. Sometimes my husband sits on it too… so whatever you want to use it for, I guess. :)

  3. Patricia says

    You are definitely a huge TV star – my family saw you on TV this morning! I thought you should know that my daughter was watching Nick Jr as my husband and I were getting ready for work this morning and my husband saw a commercial and said “I think I just saw an Oakdale shirt.” Although I didn’t see the commercial I knew it was you from your Nick Mom involvement. :)

  4. says

    Those glasses are super cool! Love the red on your minnie me! Both my husband and I wear glasses so it’s just a matter of time before the littles get fitted for their first pair and of course will need a pair that can be worn for sports.

    Congrats on Dr. Oz. Hope you had a fun.