#Awesomeness: Reader Love, Bloglovin & Sic Shirts.

You know how at work, when you do a good job, and you really, really, really want your boss to be all, “Awesome job today, Champ, way to rock those TSP reports!”  Or whatever it is that you rock at your job?

Well, when your main job is Mom followed closely by business owner, that doesn’t really happen much.  The only person to give you dap for a job well done is, um, you!

But, today I got a little outside encouragement that reminded me why I fell in love with blogging and turned it into my job in the first place: YOU!

A reader took the time to send me an awesome email saying that she, GASP, enjoys my writing!  There was a time when I received hundreds of comments each week on this blog from faithful readers eager to react to my blog stylings.

Now, if I get five in a day, I consider it a score.

I know there are so many reasons why this is so, which is why I appreciate it dramatically when someone takes time out of their busy schedule to tell me, and I quote, that I “write the shit out of my posts.”

Best. Compliment. Ever.

I’m not entirely sure that this email wasn’t sent by my mother, eager to give me a much needed ego boost.  Because really, SOMEONE ENJOYS MY WRITING???

Either way, if it was my mother (Hi, Mom!), thank you, and if it wasn’t, holy-crap-I-love-you-so-hard thank you more!


Other Online #Awesomeness…

online buys

Look Human: Best. Workout shirt. EVER.  Also, I love tater tots, and I am Batman.  I love sic shirts. Is it lame if I order every single one of these? Never mind. Don’t answer. I don’t want to be judged.

Bloglovin: Are you familiar?  Because I am so, so in love with it.

I’d started to notice that I wasn’t really reading blogs as much as I used to.  Mostly that was because I’d get stuck playing Candy Crush for hours forget to check each day if my faves had updated their sites, or Facebook would hide all of my favorite things from me and only show me the updates from the people who make me hate Facebook those never-ending Buzzfeed quizzes everyone is obsessed with (who am I kidding, I love those too, and I am totally a 17 year old Little Mermaid, who should be living in Barcelona.  Also, Futura.  That’s my font.).  Bloglovin gets me back to the good stuff.

And, yes, of course you can follow me over there too!  Dumdumdumdumdumdum…

Follow on Bloglovin

That was a hint, people; click the button and FOLLOW ME OVER THERE.

Cute/Not-So-Cute Shoes: Last week when I begged you all to help me decide what to wear on the Dr. Oz show, mostly people just wanted to know where I got my shoes.  Fine, I will tell you: Urban Og.  Sadly, they no longer sell them.  They do, however, sell a number of other cool summer sandals and a variety of interesting gems like the ones featured here. Just so we’re clear, in this case, interesting is code for ugly, you should not buy.

Cool Kid Bathroom Décor: We just repainted the Dude Toilet House (that’s what I call their bathroom since that piece of furniture is the focal point I would like them to be most conscientious of FOCUSING on).  We need a new shower curtain. This one will be so much fun!

One King’s Lane: There is nothing in my life that will make me say “ring ‘er up!” to a $185 throw pillow, even if that is a $65 discount.  Buuuut, I am thinking about the logistics of the throw pillow and am curious, from those of you who own them and a set of rowdy children, how often do they actually live up to their name?  Are they more throw than pillow? Do they ever even stay on your couch? Because if they are just gonna be another thing I have to pick up 643 times a day, probably I should pass.  Even though, gosh are they purdy. Everything=joy.


This week in Blog Land…

  • Holy mother. Baked donuts. I basically cried when I saw them they’re so beautiful.
  • Kinda these look like poopie pies, but it’s Nutella Playdoh you can eat. Why didn’t someone show me this when I had kids that still played with Play-doh?!
  • And, Simply Stavish has been banging out the awesome.  Check out these reversible superhero capes she made.  I could never!


  1. says

    I love throw pillows, especially ones with changeable covers. They do, however, tend to simple be tossed about, or thrown, if you will, but! I love them still. However, I do not want to pay a lot for this muffler, so I tend to scrounge around Marshall’s or find some fabric and ask my MIL to hook a sista up. Z NEEDS THAT BATMAN SHIRT!

  2. says

    I totally agree with the previous comment. It’s so easy to hit like on FB (assuming FB allows fans to even see our posts) rather than take the time to write a comment. I’ve also been a fan since your WNTW episode blew up my Twitter feed a few years ago. I’ve learned so much from you about parenting boys, how to dress this mom bod I’ve acquired, and how to whip up some yummy in my kitchen. My oldest of two boys is only three, so you give me little glimpses into my future, and I’m taking copious notes! Thank you!

  3. says

    I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good.
    I do not know who you are but certainly you are going to a famous blogger if you are not already ;) Cheers!

  4. jessica t says

    Hi!! Just wanted to say that I too love your blog! I don’t comment much but read daily, even before I had bloglovin ha ha! I have been a fan since I saw you on what not to wear while I was pregnant, my little is almost 3 now :)
    You are totally relatable and crack me up. I also love that I can get curly hair tips for my kid and clothing ideas for me…plus I won a super cool car seat from you so I’m forever in your debt!!

    PS- I also say interesting when things are.just ugly lol.. it somehow seems more.polite when I’m out and about !!