Walk More, Grub Less

Since this has been like the worst winter ever, fitness has taken a back seat to other things in my life. Like baking copious amounts of cookies to keep the fam happy on their numerous consecutive snow days. And then, eating mostly all of those cookies myself in dough form to keep from going insane during those aforementioned snow days.

Now, combine my dramatically increased cookie dough consumption rate with the fact that my normal escape mechanism: Zumba, has frequently been inaccessible to me due to my inability to get out of or back into my hood safely in the midst of a snow storm (note to self: never buy a front wheel drive car; they are crap), and you have one notably unfit, slightly unhappy, antsy-in-the-pantsy mama on your hands.

But, like they always say when they’re trying to convince you that you really shouldn’t kick yourself repeatedly for gaining 4lbs of belly fat in the past 3 months, life is about comprise.

Eat more cookies=maintain sanity.

That being said, I’ve decided to recommit myself to fitness and healthy living this spring.

Maybe you’d like to join me?!

Here are some be-a-better-liver tips that can help make not grubbing so many sweet things a teeny bit more manageable (I lie, not grubbing sweet things is torture, but maybe grubbing LESS sweet things, or counteracting our sweet things grubfests by working out would be kinda cool?).

Walk More, Grub Less: Spring Get Fit Challenge

1. Stop. Eating. Cookies. Gasp. I would never. But, let’s talk about cutting back. Personally, when I find that my cookie to real food ratio has maybe gotten a bit imbalanced, I have to do a cleanse of sorts (a modified one wherein I just stop jamming sweets in my face all day and opt instead for more nutritional options). Cookie detox, basically. Once I break the habit I can go back to eating cookies in moderation like a regular human being.

2. Walk It Off. Omron has come up with this “Walk It Off” challenge and they are encouraging people every where to snag the Alvita Ultimate Pedometer (I love it because you can count steps accurately even if you carry it in your bag!) and commit to walking 10,000 steps a day. I killed my first day (thanks to a morning Zumba class)…

best pedometer

Fit yours in during your lunch break by walking instead of hitting the staff room where annoying Betty holds her daily court (your sanity will thank you). Take the stairs instead of the elevator; even if you work on the 15th floor, get off at the 12th and take it from there (your calves will thank you). Walk your dog (your yard will thank you), chase your kid around the park instead of watching from the bench (your kid will thank you!), and park far from the door at the store (your car’s paint job will thank you). A month of this action and your entire body will be singing your praises because there’s no way you can’t look and feel better!

3. Carry your lunch. Instead of buying.

4. Reward yourself. Some of us (ME! ME! ME!) aren’t motivated by the promise of feeling better. Sure, that sounds great, and duh, of course I want to feel better, but I need more than that as a potential side effect to commit myself to saying no to cookie dough. What works better for me is setting realistic goals and allowing myself rewards for achieving them. For example, I want to go down a dress size. So, I figure out exactly how I am going to do that (see numbers one through three above), and when I accomplish it I plan to rearward myself with a dress in that new size. Probably one of these from Anthropologie because, obsessed:

anthropologie dresses spring 2014

5. Enlist a friend. Success is always more likely with support. I’ll be yours, you can be mine. Let’s do this!

Every step you take is in the direction of a healthier lifestyle, so start tracking your progress with Omron’s new Alvita Ultimate Pedometer (HJ-325). Special technology allows you to stow it in your pocket or purse and still get an accurate step count, while also offering the traditional option of wearing it on your hip. Like Omron on Facebook and challenge yourself to walk it off!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Omron. The opinions and text are all mine.