Real Talk: Do You Make Your Bed Everyday?

make your bed everyday

I consider myself a multitalented person; skilled in many things, both industrial and domestic.

For example, I can bake.  I can take good portraits and use Photoshop to make them better.  I speak a second language.  I can type a bunch of words per minute.  I am a boss at Zumba.  I learn things quickly.  I’m a really excellent reader, my algebra skills are to be envied, and I can roller skate circles around people half my age, and those half their age too.  Seriously, I shoulda been in Roll Bounce.

But, when it comes to housekeeping, I’ll be the first to admit, I leave a lot to be desired.

Even after receiving extensive how to keep a house training at the school of Mimi, much to her shame, I remain a really terrible cleaner.  I don’t enjoy it, I can’t seem to stick to a regimen that works, and I get distracted easily.

Did you see American Idol last week?  And, chocolate chip cookies.

Sure, I manage the every other day daily tasks of kitchen cleaning and, erm, there’s not really anything else that arguably needs to be done on a daily basis is there?

But, other projects like laundry and bathroom cleaning have a much longer shelf life in my house.

Plus, I outsource as much as possible, and by outsource, I mean ignore unless it’s a particularly good month and I can hire, bribe, shame, or guilt someone into helping out.

Gag and judge if you must, but rest assured that if you make known your intention to visit, things will be in tip top shape for your stay.  My mama taught me well enough for that.

Even if you were you to drop by unannounced, I would slap your face invite you in to the “company room” after I wrestle the dog out the back door and kick some muddy Dude shoes out of the line of sight.

We make every effort to keep our front room and the path from our doorway to our kitchen (we have a glass front door, it is the window to our world) devoid of dirty underwear unsightliness so as to be prepared for the random door to door salesman or person who really wants me to not be their friend anymore who drops by without warning.

Everything past the company room however is likely to be in shambles.  It is in your best interest to keep your eyes straight ahead and to never, ever venture upstairs.  Or into the basement.  Or for Heaven’s sake out into the garage!  You have no business in the garage!

For some reason I can manage to keep the shared room of Dudes 2 & 3 relatively organized.  But,  I’ve given up entirely on #1’s hovel, only barging in once a week or so to demand he pull the smelly socks and dirty plates from under his bed as I yell about it smelling like man funk from the hallway.

And, our bedroom.

It is almost as unkempt.  I blame the shamefully small closet, not suitable for a fashion loving woman and a man who has to wear suits daily to share.

It is a constant nightmare that requires daily reorganizing to keep even the smallest amount of clothing contained.  This is most certainly a task that I fail at, which accounts for the pile of clothing on the settee, and in the corner, and hanging from the behind the door hook, and everywhere.

My mother insists that, were I to simply make my bed daily, or ever, things would automatically look more together.  It is an argument discussion we’ve had since I gave up daily bed making in the mid 90s after moving out of her home.

Sure, sure, I get that making my bed could have an added benefit of making my room appear more tidy, but two things: I don’t care, and I don’t get it.  I have plans to reenter my bed ASAP after being forced from it each day, so really there’s not much need to waste extra time each morning making it.

I mean, is there?

Do you make your bed everyday?

Remember, DudeMom is a judgement free zone (and that goes for you judging me as well, just so we’re clear).

I’d love to have all of you weigh in on this one with a comment.  If the majority of you agree with me, I fully intend to wave this post about in my mother’s face at the next family meal.

If you don’t, I will pretend this discussion never happened.

Bed… what bed???


  1. says

    I do make my bed every day when I get out of it, but I promise I don’t spend a lot of time on it or make it look perfect. I pull up the sheets and blankets over the bottom pillows, pull the comforter over them, drop the shams on the covered pillow and I’m done.

    I went through a period of not making my bed and the room became an utter pigstye after awhile. Didn’t put away clothes, threw things everywhere. A messy room takes FOREVER to clean up and I hate the chore — I mean I REALLY hate it.

    An orderly room takes two minutes tops to maintain. The problem is, the little habits involved take TIME to develop. You know, put dirty clothes in the hamper IMMEDIATELY and put things away RIGHT AWAY.

    But ya know, while I really am neat out of laziness (it is HARD for me to motivate to clean a big mess) I also think that grown-ups get to choose how it makes them happy to live and I think there’s no shame in clutter, either.

  2. says

    I make my bed once or twice a week just to show my love for my husband. He wants the bed made and will make it at 5:30 when he gets home from work. He’s crazy, I know. So once or twice a week I show my love by making the bed. Personally, I’d never make it since it’s a waste of time. All you’re going to do is mess it up again.

  3. says

    psh I am so not making the bed. I will, occasionally, corresponding to the few days out of the year that I pick up the clothes from the floor, but for the most part? Nope. And the kids don’t make theirs either. The girls have bunkbeds and that top bunk is a demon from the utter pit and bowels of deepest, darkest hell. I JUST HEARD IT LAUGH AT ME AND I’M NOT EVEN HOME! As for other areas, the dishes are not done every night but I really wish someone would do them. I get the girls to help but they half ass it so why bother? I know I should make them continue until it’s done correctly but ohmygod just move, I’ll do it. And bathrooms. I did a scientific study a few months ago. I refused to clean the bathrooms just to see how long it would take ANYONE in my house to pick up a Clorox wipe. Let’s just say things got to the straight up THE GAS STATION IS CLEANER levels. Is it my fault my family is disgusting? I doubt it. Mimi shouldn’t blame herself that you aren’t making the bed either.

    I will say this: if the floor of my bedroom is clean, I feel better. And then I make the bed and it all looks better. And then I probably get in the bed because really what’s more inviting than a freshly made bed?

  4. says

    Okay…. you may not love me any more…. but I can’t even sleep in my bed unless it has been made. I’ve been known to make my bed at 11pm before jumping in it to go to sleep. I just can’t get my sleep on with messed-up covers.

    But here’s where it gets real- my kids NEVER EVER make their beds. And I could care less. But last week I did a “boys room makeover” for my 2 youngest kids… and they love their new room and have decided that they want it to forever look the way that it did when I pulled off “the BIG reveal!”. Last night I caught them making their bed… at bedtime…. before they got in it.

    Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree….

  5. ZenIa says

    Nope. And nope again. I’m terrible at housework. I can pull it together if I know people are coming, but I’m just messy. My bed isn’t made (though I change the sheets regularly, unlike 25% of people who only do it quarterly – gack. At that point it is made and glorious to get into). I have a fine, fine floordrobe. I don’t clean my over regularly and the windows, I live on the third floor. I’m not taking my life into my own hands for windows!! I don’t even have the excuse of tiny people running around.

    No, basically, I’m clean, but not tidy. My mother hangs her head in shame and despairs of me. Me? I think life is too short and there’s stuff I want to do and places I want to visit… Meh!

  6. Dawn Bibbs says

    Ok, so here’s the thing…a domestic goddess I am NOT! In fact, cleaning is one of my least favorite tasks (right up there with yard work, washing me and the girl childs hair, vacuuming and waking up before 9am). My mom also told me that AS SOON AS my feet hit the floor in the morning, I should make up the bed. WHET?? For why? I’m gonna get back in it in about 12 hours or so! I may toss the covers back up to “flatten” out the top of the bed. But I don’t “make it up”…unless of course, I’m visiting said mothers house!
    Back to this cleaning thing…I remember, almost 10 years ago when I became a SAHM, I told Mr. Man that we needed to move! When he asked why, I told him, “This is a BIG Arse house! And I’m not cleaning it everyday!” Needless to say, we didn’t move and I don’t clean every day! I don’t even dust until I can write my name on the furniture! I don’t mind laundry…I just don’t enjoy putting it up!
    Ok, ok…I will stop here! I could keep it movin on this topic!!
    Bottom line…your tactics are FINE with me! :-) Handle yo business! AND, you’ll be glad to know that I WILL call before I stop by! ;)

  7. says

    Sounds a lot like my house. Before kids, my house was neat as a pin, and I made my bed every day. I agree with your mom, it does make the room look neater. She’s not wrong. But now that I have 2 little ones, ain’t nobody got time for that. I’m lucky if I get a shower. So just keep your bedroom door closed and don’t nobody gots to know. :-)

  8. says

    I actually try to make my bed every day. It gets done about 75% if the time. If it’s unmade, it looks unkempt and there is nothing stopping me from crawling right back in and ignoring that pile of laundry that needs to be folded.

  9. says

    No, I do not make our bed. However, my husband makes our bed daily. I could not sleep in it if he did not make it. It might sound strange but, the bed would feel dirty unmade. :)

  10. says

    My bed gets made about half the time. When it doesn’t it is because my thought is exactly like yours. I’m going to be back in it in no time, so why? Thursday’s are my lucky day. My housekeeper changes the sheets and I bow before her in thanks!

  11. Ashley says

    My bed is mostly never ever made. I always wanted to be one of those people who always has a clean house, but it just never stays that way for long. With work and school and a young puppy… Just no. Making the bed is at the very bottom of my priority list.

  12. Amber says

    No I do not make my bed every day. Sometimes I pull the sheet and comforter back up, on my side anyway, but that’s it. I don’t understand the reason for making the bed, I’m just gonna get back in, it if I can, even if it’s just to watch some grown up TV. the rest of my bedroom is a disaster area, my hubby is not at all neat and clean and I have too many clothes to fit in my closet. I just shut the bedroom doors when anyone is over, we have surprise company quite often. I keep the rest of the house reasonably clean, I wash the dishes and pick up the trails of dirty clothes and kick the shoes back into the closet. With 5 boys I don’t have energy to keep up with everything, I wash the laundry but it takes a while for it to get folded and put away, I make them help once a week or so. Why do houses have to get so messy so fast?

  13. says

    We make the bed everyday. The degree to which it’s made well depends on whether I’ve made the bed, or my husband has made the bed. As a grown-up, I like a made bed.

    If you had asked this question to my 12-year old self, I would have disagreed. Unless my mom wanted to make my bed (which she never would have done for me – although *their* bed was always made).

    My kids’ beds are often not made. It’s their space, so I don’t let the messiness bother me. Except now that our house is going on the market and people will be walking through. MAKE ALL THE BEDS.

  14. Natasha says

    I do, actually. All the beds. The oldest makes hers, and I do ours and the littles’. I feel so weird if the bed is unmade all day. And I have to clean up at night-coming downstairs in the am to toys/clothes/clutter all over just makes me cranky.

  15. says

    Hmm that would be a big fat no.. like you I am not that deep cleaner kind of person. Dishes, laundry, dust once a week only because the dust drives me crazy and living in the country it finds its way in.. About twice a year I get in a purging get rid of it all deep clean mode… you know like Spring and umm Christmas lol.

  16. says

    In theory, I’d like to make my bed everyday. I also feel the need to somewhat pick up the majority of my house as it nears closer to bedtime each day. It could be horrible all day but there’s something about not waking up to a disaster that I have some visceral need for. I wish I didn’t care, it’s tiring. Even when I was little, every single night I’d at least shove everything into my closet so my room looked clean. I could always sleep better if my room was clean.

    Anywho, my bed is made MAYBE once a week. But I do get how things look more put together when it’s made. They also look more put together when I shove everything into our closets.