Best Gifts for Moms: What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

Okay dads in charge of making Mother’s Day rock on behalf of your kids, let me help you make this celebration special for the mom lady in your life.

Fortunately, we moms are easy to please.

We’re not after jewels, or expensive gifts, or even homemade projects you only made your kids make because you forgot that tomorrow was the big day.

Most of us are after one thing and one thing only: less obligation; a guilt free day to take care of no one but ourselves.

We love taking care of you guys.  Swear it.  But, we’d also love the opportunity to not have to spend an entire day doing only just that.  One day without cooking and cleaning and driving and planning and organizing and yelling.

And, if you could throw in a nap, some alone time at the grocery store, and a yummy meal made by someone other than us, we’d call this day a win for sure.

Need more specifics?

Here are some Mama’s Day dreams to consider making!

Best Gifts for Moms: What Mom REALLY Wants for Mother’s Day

what moms want mothers day

Drinking my coffee in silence followed by a Zumba class. Then I want to go to lunch and be driven to my favorite store where I can shop in peace; no interruptions, no complaining, no suddenly having to go to the bathroom. Later, we will eat Chinese food and cuddle on the couch and watch Twilight and everyone will act like they love it and no one will complain about the sparkly vampire. –DudeMom

Sleep Starbucks, sleep, cake, sleep going to the bathroom by myself more sleep a meal I had no part in cooking…. You get the idea.” –LaShawn, Mom of 1, Everyday Eyecandy

“Great weather, eating outside in sunshine with my own kids and my mom, too.” –Molly, Mom of 2, Spence Photographics

kir corner

The Kir Corner

“Oh, wow. My perfect Mother’s day would be one day, beginning to end, that I didn’t have to cook, shop, wash dishes, walk dogs, NOTHING. I’d love to sit on the beach with my husband, son, and dogs…. I’d love it if drinks were fetched for me, plates of food were placed gently in my lap. I’d like to hold hands with my boo and read a book from cover to cover. The end.” –Jessica, Mom of 1

“…maybe hanging out and visiting with friends.” –Maggie, Mom of 3, Accidentally By Design

“A private JT concert for me and my awesome friends.” –Monica, Mom of 4

midlife boulevard

Midlife Boulevard

“Sleeping in and waking to a spotless house with freshly picked flowers in vases with handmade cards and breakfast in bed waiting for me. Then I will be pampered all day with no arguments to sour my day. My husband will take the kids somewhere and leave me in blissful peace. Someone will cook decent dinner. Then, as the day comes to a close, he will draw me a hot bath and give me a long massage. Somebody pinch me because I’m dreaming!” -Stephanie, Mom of 4, From My Write Side

“I also want it to be nice and warm and not raining so we can go outside. And I want Monday off of work so I can do all the cleaning/errands I didn’t do on Sunday!” –Marta, Mom of 2, Oh My Marta

amsuing foodie

(a)Musing Foodie

“Great weather to get out and do something with my family! Things I want to do… farmer’s markets, picnic by the river, coffee/pastries at a cute cafe, duck into an antique shop or 2, a few small but heartfelt gifts/cards from my kids. And if my hubs wanted to throw in a Modcloth giftcard… perfection!” –Rebecca, Mom of 2


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    The weekend is already starting off pretty great. I hit the laundry and the crazy mess in my room this morning, and I just finished an absolutely lavish nap. Thanks for including me; it’s a lot like hanging out with friends.