T-Shirt Tuesday. Quirkie Kids. #Giveaway

Dude #3 took one look at this shirt and said, “I know pink is sorta for girls, but this shirt is so cool!”

clothes for boys

Totally he’s right.  And no, that’s not a picture of him on the shirt, but I can see why you might think that.

Quirkie Kids is a unique line of kid’s shirts that encourage all pink lovers, chick, dude, whatever, to rock what they like.  The designs are funky and not at all soft, and they speak to little dudes just as loudly at they speak to little ladies.  It’s just really cool clothing for confident kids.

Whoever said real men don’t wear pink clearly hasn’t met this man…


Want to snag a funky, Quirkie tee for your pink loving human?! Yeah you do…

cool kid shirts

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  1. Lauren says

    My daughter! She’s 9 months old and over the past few months, her personality has really come out. I can’t wait to see the spitfire of a little girl she’s going to turn into.

  2. Ashley P says

    My daughter Ellie is the quirky one in my family! She is 4 and has such and imagination. I am amazed with the random stuff that comes out of that girls mouth.

  3. Charisse says

    My little munchkin would LOVE that shirt. Skulls and crossbones are the BEST in her book. And it doesn’t matter what color they come in.

  4. says

    My son is the quirky kid in my life. He’s always so silly and he loves making people laugh–he comes up with the funniest sound and gestures to make us laugh!

  5. Maria says

    My son is the quirkie kid in my life, he comes up with the silliest things. After raising 3 daughters, it’s crazy to think I’m a Dudemom, and even crazier the difference btwn him and my girls. He definitely tops the charts on the quirkiest of my children, he’s also a great influence on my two granddaughters so they are getting quirkie too!