DudeMom Weekly. Every Single Week for the Rest of Your Life

It was supposed to be video.

A weekly video series where I would tell you all of the awesome things you need to know.

Only weekly is sort of a lot for me.  And I would forget.  Or, um, forget.

Plus, the first addition was a little bit of a bust (I called Willow Jaden, even though I know her name is Willow).  You can watch it if you want, but I’m going to strongly advise against it: DudeMom Weekly Episode 1.

So I’m bringing it to the blog, where I’m actually somewhat reliable (if not fearful of commitment and prone to changing things up on a whim).

Fingers crossed I can make the video thing come alive once a month.  Or something.

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dudemom weekly

Dress of the Week: Down to Utopia Dress, ModCloth

Funny of the Week: My name isn’t on this list (not sure why, there are tons of Amandas), but thought it was funny to see what your name says about you according to people who have no idea what they’re even talking about.  I’m pretty sure that if Amanda was on here it would just say, “incredibly awesome, like so awesome you kinda don’t even think she’s real.”

Dude Toy of the Week: Fort building kit.  Because you can make them put it away nicely when they’re done.

DudeMom Blog Post of the Week: From Rita at Fighting Frumpy, Ten Boy Mom Musts

App of the Week: 2048.  Sure, I want to punch it, but I can’t stop playing it! The Dudes have picked it up too and I’m cool with that because it’s sort of mathish!

Shoes of the Week: Cruise Stop Sandal, ModCloth

Get Ready for Summer Idea of the Week: Check out the guardian children’s books site to help you get your kids’ reading lists together.  Awesome book recommendations for kids by kids.

Cool bag of the week: Neon Shopper from Zara, $39

Pin of the Week: Yogurt Kiwi Cones.  You can’t mess them up, right?  And they have to be less terrible for you than jamming that waffle cone full of chocolate chip cookie dough, right? And, they’re totally perfect for summer.  I’m in.

Also, for those of you who like to enter giveaways, I’m hosting a FreshPet giveaway that includes a $25 Walmart gift card.

*Some of the links here are affiliates so if you buy what I say I get a bit of change.  For my dream couch.


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    I love you!! (And that dress! I love that dress! It looks like a good dress for not showcasing my tree-stump legs.) Thank you so much for the shout-out! <3