Happy Mother’s Day. Motherhood Is…

While we as mothers all share similar stories and experiences, motherhood is truly something different for everyone.

Today, no matter what motherhood means to you, I’m wishing you a restful, love-filled day surrounded by the people who made you a mother.

Enjoy a few moments experiencing what motherhood is to other women and feel free to share your own thoughts and feelings in the comment section below.

Motherhood Is…

motherhood is


What Now and Why

“like a movie, there’s comedy, drama, romance, train wrecks, accidents, you do your own stunts like changing diapers that should require a HAZMAT team. You fall in love with them the second you know you’re pregnant, again when they’re born, you have moments of doubt and times of celebration. You wish you could pause it, and then you wish you could fast forward and at the very end when they finally move out, you want to watch the movie again.” –Kristin, Mom of 2, In Deep H2O

“the toughest, most disgusting, exhausting, rewarding, loudest, craziest, funnest, loving, and BEST journey that one is blessed to take b/c not all of us woman are able to bring these crazy, loving, loud, slobbering little lawyers into this world and my heart goes out to them and to those who make it possible for those who want it no matter what want a child to have a child to go through this journey with the rest of us crazies.” –Kirby, Mom of 2


-Mom of 6

“the only job i ever wanted! although it is overwhelming, and more than half the time I’m sure I’m screwing it up royally, I wouldn’t change a thing!!!” –Cheree, (dude)Mom of 3

“is full of lessons and realizations, tears and joy, mistakes and successes – the hardest most rewarding thing I will ever do in my life.” –Alicia, Mom of 3, Life By Mom

“Flippin’ amazing!” –Julie, Mom of 2


The Centsible Life

“Is the sweetest,most challenging , most precious privilege I have ever been given by God. And by golly I wouldn’t be who I am without my children. Motherhood defines who I am!” –Lisa, (biological, adoptive, and foster)Mom of 7

galit these little waves

These Little Waves

“Rewarding, hysterical, sweet, stressful, gross, terrible, heart-melting and exhausting all in the same day. Sometimes in the same 5 minutes.” –Melissa, (dude)Mom of 2, A Wide Line

“Overwhelming. The love, fear, joy, amazement, exhaustion, emotion, and pride are just, overwhelming.” –Heather, (dude)Mom of 1

“Totally worth the waterworks. Who knew there could be so many kinds of tears?” –Carmen, (dude)Mom of 3, The Awesome Woman Project

“Indescribable to anyone who is not one also, and to them you don’t have to say a word.” –Megan, (dude)Mom of 2, Sunshine Wonderland

“the best adventure I have ever been on. Learning of a love like this is such a blessing and a joy. Each day brings excitement! Would not trade it for anything in the world.” –Noelle, (dude)Mom of 1, Jumpin Beans

Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. Jessica Reader says

    I go back forth between being ready for Jack to leave and desperate for the kid to stay with me forever. What’s the problem REALLY???? I’m not ready to stop being a mama. I want it to last a little while longer.