Mom Truths: Things to Remember on Your Worst Mom Day Ever

Every mama on the planet would agree that when it comes to challenging moments and gut wrenching days, few have pushed you to the brink like those presented to you courtesy of your children.

Parenting is hard.  Like, crazy-I-think-I’m-gonna-barf-from-crying-so-hard hard.

For both parents.

I greatly appreciate the role of the father.  I know that DudeDad has had intense daddying days.  I realize that his worries, his fears, and his pressures are right up there with mine when it comes to the care and keeping of the Dudes in our home.  His love is fierce.  His dedication is unbreakable.  He loves them more than life itself.  Like a father should.

But, mothering?

Mothering is a BEAST.

There is a reason we’re called mama bears.  Those feelings that you have for your child(ren), they tear out of you like a wild animal.  They claw and bite and rip at things seeking to harm our offspring.  They leave us raw on the inside.  And then they join forces with out kids and push us even more.  They take all of your composure, and your maturity, and your hygiene, and your sanity, and they dismantle it without even trying that hard.

The things I’ve done because my children have made me!

If you haven’t been there yet, it’s coming, and if you have, then you know intimately of what I speak.  Either way, there’s power and healing and comfort in this community.  And also, misery loves company, everyone knows that.

worst mother

Mom Truths: 10 Things to Remember on Your Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Mom Days

1. The single most important quote for mom life, “And this too shall pass.” –Random dude (although he probably stole it from his mom)


-Shell, (dude)Mom of 3, Things I Can’t Say

2.  Seriously, ice cream for dinner is FINE. “Stop. Breathe. Take your kids for frozen yogurt. Reset. Start over tomorrow.”  -Rebekah, Mom of 2, Stay at Home Pundit

3.  You’re human.  Which means you’re allowed to make mistakes, lots of them, big ones even, and everyone is going to just have to get over it, including you.  -DudeMom

4.  They’re only baby teeth.  Also, Jelly sandals were clearly designed by Satan.  In the depths of Hell.

My hardest day of mothering was my very first outing with ALL three children.  They were 4, 2 and infant at the time.  (What was I thinking???) My husband had a work meeting in Delaware and so we thought it would be fun if the kids and I tagged along for the drive.  The plan was for me to take them to the Delaware Zoo until Hubby was done.  

We made it to the Zoo and had a great time. I even mentally patted myself on the back when I found a quiet and secluded space to nurse the baby near the monkey exhibit.  We finished our zoo visit in good time and so I decided to head to the mall for lunch.  We ate, and I even made a bathroom run, changing 2 sets of diapers and all. VICTORY WAS MINE. Then, as we were making our way out of the mall, Giggles (my 2-year-old) took off running in her adorable – and tractionless – jelly sandals.  She slipped on the slick mall floor and … broke.her.front.tooth.  I was a wreck! She was crying and bleeding, my oldest was worried, the baby was getting restless and I was on the verge of tears!!! I whipped out my cell and called the pediatrician to see what I was supposed to do.  Turns out there was nothing that I *could* do, but wait until we got back home and have her checked out by the dentist.  I remember my hands were shaking and I felt like THE worst mom ever and, to top it all off, I had to confess the accident to Hubby. 

Giggles ended up being fine, but for a REALLY LONG TIME, each time I saw her kilowatt smile with the cracked front tooth, I remembered that day. Talk about Mom Guilt!  –Stacey, Mom of 3, Justice Fergie

5.  “No matter what, the baby will still love you.” –Taya, Mom of 1,

6.  One day, this will be funny.  Or, like, um, less horrifying.


-Sunday, Mom of 2, @SundayStilwell

7.  One minute at a time is a perfectly good life plan.  You know, for now.  “Just get through this minute, and go one minute at a time.” -Robin, The Not Ever Still Life

8.   “This isn’t you. Call the doctor. Get the pills.” -Caroline, Mom of 4, The Bingham Diaries

9.  “Forgive yourself.” –Kadi, Mom of 7, @kadiprescott

10.  Moms need time outs too.  “Make sure he’s somewhere safe and take a minute.” –Lizz, Mom of 1, Am I a Funny Girl

Now, go straight to your closet, get inside of it, and jam that Twix bar you’ve been hiding in the back of your fridge all month right down your pie hole.  EVERYONE will feel better when you come out. After you throw away the Jellies, and call the doctor, and let them know you’re serving ice cream for dinner.  Again.


  1. says

    I totally want to take the kids for ice cream for dinner tomorrow now. Okay me too. I want to take me mostly, actually… ;)

  2. says

    You just have a way with words :)

    I do enjoy reading this article and gosh what a relief to hear others stories. Indeed it’s a beast.

    I’m going through a session right now and I’m praying through it.

  3. Amber Pardeik says

    Love it! You totally made my day. Love number 4, I laughed so hard. Sometimes I think the only thing you can do is laugh, or go insane. So that’s what I do, I take a step back and laugh at the dudes craziness. There is 5 of them and only 1 me, so really I can’t always have everything under control.

  4. says

    I like the one about the pills. I had to go to the doctor after I had Chaucer because PPD was so bad. I love posts like this because I get to see how NOT alone I am in this mothering gig.