10 Quick Easy Dinner Ideas for Summer.

I am what some might call an energy nazi.

I guess I inherited my dad’s TURN-OFF-THE-LIGHTS-GET-OUTTA-THE-SHOWER-YOU’RE-COLD?-PUT-ON-A-SWEATER life philosophy.

I yell at my kids to turn out the lights. And close the fridge. And turn off the TV. And be still if you’re hot.

Because I don’t turn on my air conditioner until it is absolutely necessary.

I like fresh air.  And, I hate paying an arm and a leg to run the air when mother nature is keeping her wits about her.  She’s doing her part not to fry my skin from my bones, I can do mine by opening the windows on both sides of the house for a healthy cross breeze.

I know that within the next to weeks I will be sealing this place up tighter than a bomb shelter to keep the coolness inside.

But, until then, breeeezes.

And using hot things as little as possible.

Sure, I miss baking, but I could probably stand to lay off the cookies for a few weeks anyway (winter=cookies daily).

Sadly, my family still expects to eat everyday.

After having a quick easy dinner idea sesh on Facebook I’ve compiled some easy, no-oven dinner options for family eating.

Thanks to my FB fans for coming through for The Dudes; I filled their bellies with pizza delivery that day, because you said so.

10 Quick Easy Dinner Ideas for Cool Summer Eating

easy dinner ideas

1.  Ice cream sundaes.  I know, you’re thinking, wow, worst mom ever.  But, seriously, it’s dairy.  And, the toppings are fresh fruit and nuts and granola.  And, you know what, never mind, there are no redeeming qualities about ice cream for dinner and honestly, I don’t care.  Sometimes ice cream for dinner is just what’s up.  The fact that I’m suggesting you put up the extra effort for sundaes with topping and all of that is me being creative for your benefit.  At our house, I toss The Dudes those $1.99 for-a-whole-box ice cream sandwiches and tell ‘em to beat it.  You do what you’re comfortable with.

brown sugar pancakes

2. Breakfast.  Homemade brown sugar cinnamon pancakes and turkey sausage.  We usually have them with fruit smoothies on the side.  For balance or whatever.

3. BLTs.  We grow everything but the bacon and the bread to make them in Dude 3’s garden.  So, his fresh tomatoes and lettuce.  With jalapenos for DudeDad.

chicken salad sandwich recipe

4.  Chicken sandwiches.  This is what we do with leftover rotisserie chicken.  Served with chips and fresh carrots on the side.  Need a recipe?  Here’s one to try that looks basically like what I do: Chicken salad sandwich recipe

5.  Tostadas.  I usually make the meat in the morning and then just heat it up in the wave when it’s time for dinner.  The dudes like adorning them on their own.

how to make sushi

6.  Sushi.  You can make the rice in the rice cooker and then roll them for fun with the kids. Check out our sushi tutorial if you want to try!

7.  Chips and salsa.  I use this black bean and corn salsa that is sort of the bomb.  Yep, I’m bringing that back.  You can throw it in a tortilla with cheese for quesadillas if you want a for real dinner that grown ups won’t judge you for!

slow cooker enchiladas

8.  Use your slow cooker.  They aren’t just for winter!  You can make lighter fare in them too.  Or, you can just make enchiladas!  Try my easy black bean enchilada recipe if you are in the mood for cheesy goodness.

9.  Mini BBQ.  I don’t like starting up DudeDad’s big grill.  He uses a charcoal one, and it takes a bunch of time I don’t have.  But, the mini one that we got for camping even though we are never gonna camp again, so much faster.  I grill burgers and brats all the time.  Jazz them up with BBQ sauce and bacon if you’re nasty (not just the burgers, hot dogs w/BBQ sauce and bacon are good too!).

10. Salad.  Make a tasty one for yourself and then, when your kids moan about it, give them #1 instead.  I can’t be bothered with complaining when I’m hot.  I just can’t.


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    Hi! This is my first time reading your blog and I really enjoyed it! I love your writing style…very down to earth. This article is a keeper for me this summer and I look forward to trying recipe #1! Lol!

  4. says

    All great ideas. I hate turning on the oven in the summer. It gets SO hot here. Our house will never cool off in the evening if we use the oven. We have a gas grill so we do that a LOT in the summer. Well, David does that a lot in the summer. So it is like a double bonus because I’m not the one cooking. ;)