DudeMom Weekly: Pregnant Athlete Swimsuit Sandals.

I’ve decided that DudeMom Weekly needs creative titling.

Yeah, they’re sorta misleading, but at least I didn’t say, “Pregnant Athlete in a Swimsuit, You Won’t Believe What She Does With Her Sandals!” like those other sites do to get you to click over.

In fact, based on this title, I’m not sure why you did click over.

Try not to be disappointed.

Here are the things you need to Read, Buy, Do, and Know this week…

best gifts

Funny Video of the Week: I’m So Pregnant.  It’s been ages since my womb was inhabited. It’s nice to remember why that fact makes me happy.

Zulily Sale of the Week: Seriously cute sandals at a crazy good price.  Get ‘em before they’re gone!

DudeMom Blog Post of the Week: This isn’t necessarily about dudes, but it’s written by one of my favorite moms of boys who is also a part of Team Happy Mamas!

Swimsuit of the Week: I can never just go in one store and come out with a suit.  So, mixing and matching feels right.  I am ordering this tankini top, and these hi-rise bikini bottoms.

Favorite Blog Post of the Week: We always need a reminder that what we do matters.  Thanks for this one from another Happy Mama Team member, Jennifer P. Williams.  Also, I’m on a mission to figure out what that P. stands for (shhh, don’t tell me, I’m guessing!). Percy?  Penelope?  Precious???

Fun Shopping Site to Check Out of the Week: MyHabit.  Everything you see on the site you’re gonna want to buy.  And, most of it will be within your price range!

Best Post for Moms of Athletes: I wrote it, so of course I’m partial, but if you’re a sideline mom, you’ll get it.

Best Site for Gifts: Mouth.com.  Perfect place to snag something for people who like putting goodness in their bellies.  Also, best name ever.

Best Onesie to Buy for Your Pregnant Homegirl: Mr. Tee Onesie.  Because, you shouldn’t need me to tell you; you should just know why.

Best Buy for Little Dude Wear: Crazy 8s is having a $5 kid shirt sale.  Jump on that.


  1. says

    Thank you. Love, LOVE the Mr. T onsie. Almost makes me wish I had a baby to put it on.

    The P stands for Peveto. That’s my maiden name. My middle is Ann.