Good Morning Coffee Milkshake Recipe

I am an ice cream fiend.

Love, love, LOVE the stuff.

Like will-add-30-minutes-to-my-daily-work-out-just-so-I-can-have-it-every-night love it.

I’m convinced that ice cream could solve like 75% of the world’s problems. Seriously, think how much smoother things would go if every time the House and the Senate had a meeting they jumped it off with ice cream cones. Total game changer.

Also awesome?


To be honest, I only jumped on the coffee bandwagon about three years ago. Before that I was an occasional overpriced coffee house frothy beverage girl. I’d get a gingerbread latte or four during the holiday season and call it a year.

But then I quit my job and became the owner of not one, but two businesses. I was working from home, with a three year old around all day, doing photos and creating content and running social media campaigns for brands. Occasional coffee was suddenly no way to live.

I went from a proud coffee objector to a four-cups-a-day-or-I’ll-cut-you addict in like three months.

The day I spent all afternoon in bed with a coffee withdraw migraine (I’d run out of creamer, don’t ask, I still don’t know how I let that happen) was the day I decided I needed to pull back a bit.

I’ve since found fitness and healthier living and sent all three of my children to full day school so things are slightly more manageable.

I get by on one cup in the mornings now.

Sometimes, when it’s summery and I’m feeling sassy (so basically like 5-6 times a week), I will combine my coffee with my ice cream and just get buck.

And yes, dessert-y though they may be, I drink them in the morning and call them breakfast, don’t judge, I eat a fruit and veggie plate for dinner, you know, for balance and stuff.

Probably you’re dying to try one. Before you do, a little note about my ingredients: you can use regular coffee as your base, but I like using International Delight Iced Coffee because it eliminates the need to brew coffee, and then cool it (ain’t nobody got time for that). Plus, it comes in all kinds of flavors so things can quickly get very interesting.

Ok, now you’re ready…

Good Morning Coffee Milkshake Recipe

1 cup Coffee flavored ice cream (you can also use a vanilla flavored frozen yogurt for fewer calories)

1/2 cup International Delight Iced Coffee (I use light Vanilla, but the Cold Stone Creamery Sweet Cream flavor is pretty bangin’ too)

1/4 cup milk (go ahead, use almond milk if that’s your jam)

Chocolate syrup

Whipped cream

To Make: Put the ice cream, the iced coffee, and the milk in a blender and blend until smooth. If you like a thicker shake adjust the add more ice cream. Pour in your favorite drinking glass. Top with whip cream. Drizzle chocolate syrup on top.

Voila! Tastiness.

The Dudes beg me for them, but coffee is not for kids. It’s for moms. Everyone knows that.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of International Delight. The opinions and text are all mine.


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    I started a new job last month. Until then, I drank coffee maybe twice a year, if that often. My new office is attached to a Starbucks. In four short weeks I have gone from two coffees a year to daily. But I realized it was more habit rather than desire. The caffeine didn’t seem to be getting me through the day any better so I’ve cut back. Today was the first day I genuinely wanted to get one, but it started raining a bit ago just as I got off the bus so I made a mad dash into the office instead. Pretty sure I’ll go back down though.